Strange Days

This warm weather we've been having makes the days seem almost surreal. The leaves have all turned red, gold and brown and are falling, more and more of them covering the ground every hour. But it's over 80 degrees (27 C) outside. There are as many blooms (and more bugs) on my roses now as there were in June and there are still a few dianthus and marigolds left. It doesn't feel like summer but it doesn't feel like fall either. I don't like cold weather but in November one expects to at least have to wear long sleeves. Going outside and walking around in a t-shirt just feels sort of wrong. I have this superstitious feeling of wrongness even as I am enjoying these wonderful, warm days.

I don't know if this is related or not but I also seem to be having a serious case of mental laziness. Almost every site I go to, I read for a few seconds and then think, "Nah, not interested right now." I think of things to write about but can't think of anything specific to say. (except for this babbling) Aside from the computer, everything else is pretty much the same. I go through my mental list of "things I need to do" and think, "Nah, maybe later." And yet, I really want to do something, just not anything I can think of. On second thought, I don't think "laziness" is the right word for it. Maybe it is the weather. I'm going to blame it on the weather anyway.


I'm tinkering with my links page again. (yawn... so what else is new?) Sometimes tinkering seems more interesting than actually blogging. I have moved some things around and added a "science" category since I've been finding a lot of science, technology and general geekery blogs lately. I'll probably do some more re-arranging and I'm thinking of adding another category or two. I've noticed several food blogs lately and I've been thinking maybe they need their own category.

Categorizing is sort of a problem. Most blogs don't fit neatly into any category and they're always changing. Some of the blogs in the "General Culture" category most of the time seem like they probably belong in the personal journals and general interest category but if they mention artsy stuff even once in a while I tend to put them under "Culture". Some of the "Arts & Special Interests" blogs might fit better in "General Culture" but there's just something about them that feels more "artsy." I guess it's all about how they feel to me, which might or might not make sense to anyone else.

About the blog itself - I'm already sort of getting tired of this look. I wanted something different and as soon as I came up with this I thought "yeah! that's it!" I thought I wanted something more colorful but now it doesn't appeal to me as much as it did at first. I still like the picture though so I might just try a different background color.

I haven't been getting many comments lately. Am I getting boring? (Maybe I shouldn't have asked that question.) Hey, it's Friday! How about a comments party? Come on... say anything. Well, not literally anything. Be nice. But you know what I mean. Talk about blogging, website design, favorite colors, fonts, whining about comments and traffic (or lack thereof) on your blogs, yourself, your plans for the weekend, incoherent babbling.... whatever. Just say something. Please.