Odds and Ends

I learned a new word yesterday: cessationism. Phil mentions some "militant language flying around the blogosphere" so apparently this is a hot topic but I hadn't noticed. There's a lot more in that post. A link to Okie on the Lam, by an Okie living in California. Apparently none of the infamous California liberalism has rubbed off on him. There's also a blog called Baal or Jehovah? Very... very.... strange.

Jaquandor has another of those clever sentential links posts up. One of those links goes to a very long post about message boards. Ah... that brings back memories.

links to a couple of articles about the fictional presidential campaign on The West Wing. Oh, if only real life could be more like TV!

News Network is a blog with links to articles by different authors. It seems to be more about "history in the making" than past history.

This is a couple of months old but I just found it yesterday - the correct useage of the word actionable. Not a word I would use but it's nice to know its real meaning so I can feel smug and superior to people who mis-use it.

Vintage Tips is another one of those cool early pop culture blogs.

No-sword is an interesting culture blog from Japan.

Listening to Respighi. Still not getting excited about Respighi.