The Ones That Got Away

The one thing that photography has in common with fishing is that there's always a "big one" that got away. A couple of weeks ago we were driving home from Arkansas. The sun was still high in the sky. Clouds started rolling in from the west, the direction we were headed. The sky was filled with rays of sunlight shining through gaps in the gray clouds. Farther away, close to the horizon these rays were subtle colors of peach, gold and lime green. A spectacular view. I had my camera with me but, unfortunately, we were on the turnpike and there was no place to stop and take a picture. By the time we finally did stop the show was almost over. The clouds had closed up, leaving only that band of light near the horizon. There was also a lot of clutter in the area (signs, power-lines, etc.) which would have made it hard to get a good picture anyway. I took one quick shot. Here it is. It has been cropped. There was a light pole in the lower left corner, a sign in the lower right corner and more gray clouds above.

There was another "one that got away" recently, just a few days before the above picture was taken. It was another gray, cloudy day. For a moment the sun shone through a thin place in the clouds, just a bright disc, not too bright to look at. At that same moment a broad V of black or dark colored birds flew over. There was no chance that time. It only took a few seconds to grab the camera but birds don't wait and neither did the sun.

The Weather Again

After several days of almost normal summer weather, it's raining this morning. I had big plans to go out and trim tree limbs this morning. I like low hanging tree limbs myself but I suppose ease of mowing must take precedence over the beauty of nature. I must take a picture of that lovely hackberry before I butcher it though. Anyway, it looks like it might be a while before I can do any tree trimming or outdoor photography. And I think I heard thunder again so I might have to turn off the computer soon too. Looks like I might be doing a lot of reading and sewing today.

Oh... and would you believe I'm listening to Palestrina again this morning? I must get some more early choral music!