Uses Of Wooden Reels

If you are operating in cable manufacturing or if you are an employee who works as a cable installer, you would know how useful wooden reels are. Wooden reels have been in use for many years and are useful for many different reasons. Nowadays plastic reels are used instead of cable reel pusher. However, wooden reels used to be a specialized tool in the sowing industry a few years back. Here are some used of wooden reels.

Courtesy: Ely Road Reel

1. Construction

Wooden reels are widely used in construction and electricity. This is mainly because they are a compact and convenient means of storage. They are easier to transport at or near construction sites.

2. Industrial wire

Rolling an industrial wire around the wooden reel ensures that the wire does not bend. Folding it causes damage and the cable might tear drastically. Thus wooden reels are safety tools in this respect.

3. Large volume and space

Wooden reels are large in size and have enough room to store cables and wires. This helps a typical manufacturer or transporter to carry more than one cable at a time.

4. Purchasing

Wooden reels have a long lasting ability and suppliers often guarantee a warranty to it. You can purchase them at a second hand store provided that they are in good shape.

5. Benefit to the environment

Wooden reels are environmental friendly product. Manufacturing of plastic reels often leads to emission of hazardous materials into the environment.

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