Training Courses For Operating Elevated Work Platforms

In order to become an operator of elevated work platforms, there are very specific requirements. This is to ensure the safety of the operator as well as the workers. Therefore, you cannot be hired as a full-time elevated work platform operator until you are properly trained. Following are some requirements that should be fulfilled before an official license is given to the operator.

Courtesy: rapidplatforms

  • Pre-Requisites

Individuals should be more than 16 years of age before they apply for elevated work platform courses. All participants who appears for the test should have thorough knowledge about different platforms. If an individual is an immigrant, they should have passed IELTS with more than 5.0 bands.

  • Duration

The test lasts for one day.It has three parts; one of them is standard theory whilethe other two are practical tests.

  • Number of trainees

For a standard course, only 8 trainees can take it at one time and for practical courses, only 6 trainees can be admitted to the course simultaneously.

  • Cost of the course

Most courses of elevated work platforms cost around $450.There is also tax per individual. This tax varies in different states. The total cost includes fees of registration for the test, learning materials and certificate of the course.

The main reason this course has been made essential for workers that deal with platforms is a recent increase in accidents at the workplace. One of the main reasonsbehind these accidents is that the workers are not properly trained for driving, operating and dealing with these types of platforms and machinery.

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