Microsoft Windows Product Key and Activation

Microsoft is one of the leading Operating System (OS) developers and has released a lot of the Windows versions in the previous years. The latest version of the OS is Windows 10 but to date the most used version of the Windows OS is mainly Windows 7. People love the very simple to use interface and other rich features. After the Windows XP people mostly love the Windows 7 version. Windows 7 has many editions such as Windows 7 ultimate, Windows 7 home premium, Windows 7 professional, etc.

Windows is doubtlessly one of the best-operating systems out there. It has many awesome features and updates which make it unique and keeps the users attached to itself. Not only easily usable interface also some features which are unique compared to other open source and Linux operating systems.

So after the Win7, Microsoft released Windows 8 and later update to Win 8.1. There are many new features and improvements on Windows 8.1. But out there some people also comment that the Windows 8 is not very stable. But no matter how the people out there complaint, Microsoft already come out with a newer and better OS called Windows 10. The latest Win10 also has many editions to suit the needs of different people.

The Windows Product Key and Activation

Like all the editions of OS released to the market, all the computer users required to purchase a valid license key in order to install and activate the Windows. The activation is a process to validate that your computer are using a genuine copy software with the appropriate hardware.

Once you buy the license you will get the product key or sometime also called it serial number or activation key. It’s a 25-character serial that are used to install and activate Windows. Alternatively, you can use the third-party software called Windows activator.

About Windows Activator

Since you can find and download the Win activators free from the Internet, it’s good to know more about it. Basically, this is a piece of software that can activate Windows without having to purchase the license from the Microsoft. There are various tools available in the market like Windows loader by daz is good to activate Windows 7 and kmspico activator is great for activating Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

If you can afford, I will recommend you to buy the original version of the Windows. This is because we need to respect the developers and you can keep the software updates all the time. At the same, we can’t do anything when we have no money or allocation to buy the original license of the product.

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