Maggie Denies Avoiding Difficult Middle East Questions

Maggie Gyllenhaal is cleaning up on her information of the discord in the Middle East so she can provide up thoughts about the continuing clash among Israel and Palestine as part of her press routine surrounding new TV series The Honorable Woman.

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The Secretary star plays the little girl of an assassinated Israeli arms seller, who promises to use her gift of money to broker peace in the Middle East in the eight-part series, which debuts in America next week (beg11Aug14) – and she insists she won’t be avoiding tough questions in interviews.

Gyllenhaal tells TV Guide magazine, “It’s my responsibility to know as much as I can. Especially now, because, when we made the series, (the region) was in a period of calm, and now it’s shifted to a period of violence. And politics are a huge part of the show.

“We can’t just say, ‘Oh, our series is this spy thriller with the conflict between Israel and Palestine as a backdrop’. It’s about the conflict. We do take it on”.

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