Maggie Gyllenhaal and The Honourable Woman

I’m not a big fan of mini series; however, “Honourable Woman” is the exception for me. From the very first episode, I was drawn into this fast action drama as if I were there. Not only is this one of the best action packed mini-series I have ever seen, but the acting is over-the-top. Maggie Gyllenhaal does an amazing acting job portraying Nessa Stein. Her demeanor, style, and sensitivity to the part, to me, puts her in the stratosphere of acting with all the other great actresses. She’s so good, that I couldn’t help but feel everything she was going through in this well-played role


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Throughout the eight episodes of The Honourable Woman the viewer is treated to a relevant, gutsy, challenging television experience. If you ever dismissed or plead ignorance over the Arab – Israeli conflict, you now have an emotional stake in the conflict. The characters are complex, the actors are skilled artisans. Ever since Maggie Gyllenhaal was slinking around in Secretary she has established a reputation for conquering the challenging, controversial roles. Maggie has conquered once again. The Honourable Woman will win a lot of trophies once the awards season has arrived

The acting is tremendous. Maggie Gyllenhaal cements her position as one of our finest and most versatile actresses. Her Nessa is an admirable if deeply flawed woman. Gyllenhaal deftly melds all the character’s sides; absurdly smart, brave, afraid, powerful, hidden, foolish, naive — into a great tragic heroine. Stephen Rea is endlessly fascinating as a very smart UK spy attempting to uncover the many hidden truths. Quiet yet immensely powerful, watching Rea’s Sir Hayden-Hoyle interrogate and manipulate those he interviews is a master class in loaded understatement in performance.

Maggie Gyllenhaal does a great job as Anglo-Israeli protagonist Nessa Stein; one wouldn’t guess that she is actually American. She is ably supported by a cast that includes the excellent Stephen Rea as Hugh Hayden-Hoyle; a member of MI5 and Lubna Azabal who plays the kidnapped boy’s mother and Nessa’s closest confidante Atika Halibi. Writer/director Hugo Blick, of ‘Shadow Line’ fame, does a great job bringing his story to the screen; managing both the action and inaction perfectly.


It is surprising that the BBC released this mid-Summer on BBC2 as it proved to be one of the best dramas of the year so far. At times slow paced but that served to let us get to know and care about the characters. Much of what we learn is shown in flashback but even though we know the main characters must survive these events these scenes are tense and just because we know they don’t die it doesn’t mean bad things can’t happen.

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The Honourable Woman 2014 mini series also known as The Honorable Woman featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal is an amazing mini series! Director and writer Hugo Blick hit the nail on the head with this story showing the realities of how war is truly started. The Honorable Woman displays a story following the two siblings who watched their father murdered due to his line of business, and as they grew up. They sought to do something good with it. This story shows that no matter what good you do that there is always someone out there that needs to stir things up just to make a buck which causes wars between all people. As I’ve always said the only real bad people in the world is the ones who control it, but back to my review.

This mini series is amazing, the acting is perfection, the story is a nicely put together roller coaster which keeps you wondering all the way to the end of the last minutes. As this story states “who can you trust?”, the answer is no one; and why should you?

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