Finding a Rental Apartment in New York

My greatest fear when coming to live in New York was locating an apartment in a fantastic neighborhood. Well, in fact, my main fear was becoming lost in the metro system, however, finding a fantastic apartment was a very, very close second.

I'd heard the horror stories from my parents of all dreadful things happening to people folks unfortunate enough to wander into the incorrect area. I believe that is why I avoided searching for marine park leasing initially.

I then understood that my parents hadn't lived or even been in New York City, therefore their tales were hand and likely grossly exaggerated. It turns out that this was the situation. When I had been attempting to locate an apartment, a somewhat expensive procedure, I started looking for no cost apartment rentals.

Finding a Rental Apartment in New York

Walking down the roads you can see signs of improvement. Where after a dilapidated, abandoned construction stood currently housed a natural food shop. The website of a burnt out apartment complex today exclaimed the grand opening of a new business enterprise. Luxurious apartments were sprouting up everywhere.

The people were incredibly nice also. As soon as I looked for flats I had been astonished at the hospitality! Everybody in the area was out (it was summer) playing in the sprinklers. They told me what I ever needed to learn about the area.

They told me just how much the supermarket store was, in which the nearest subway stop was found, the way to get into the post office, exactly what the area had been like at night, etc and so forth. They were quite fair, healthy, and all around great individuals. 


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