Ever Wonder Where Restaurant Recipes Come From?

There are some restaurants that have branches all over the country. You know that no matter where you go, you are always going to see the same things on the menu. There are others that have local flavors, such as some of my favorite Aberdeen restaurants but still have some of the same options anywhere else. Independent restaurants have their own menus, and at times, these change each week or each month. If you wonder where they get their restaurant recipes, you only have to look as far as the kitchen.

Chains have a kitchen that will create each dish and test them out. These restaurant recipes are going to be things that are going to be commonly loved. You won’t find too many off the wall things on such menus. These chains do not change their menus very often, but when they do, those dishes have been created by chefs somewhere, and have been put through various tests by having taste testing and then by finding the cheapest way to make those dishes before they become official restaurant recipes for those chains.

Independent restaurant recipes are a bit different. You are not going to find the same things on the menus that you are going to find anywhere else. Some of these have dishes that they are always going to make, but there are always specials. The chef that works in that restaurant is going to have their own special each day that they have come up with on their own. Even if this is one of the restaurant recipes that you have had somewhere else, it is going to have its own unique twist. The better chefs take great pride in their own creations.

As you may know, fast food restaurant recipes are ones that have stayed the same for a very long time. There is a good reason for that. They work. Things like the Big Mac and the Whopper have worked because they are timeless and they have mass appeal. There may be many copies of things out there, but they are never going to taste as good as the original restaurant recipes. That is because there are aspects that each chain keeps quiet, making it near impossible to make an exact copy of their signature foods.

You may want to have a career in restaurant recipes if you are a chef. You can work at your own and come up with your own creations, or you could see if you could find work with some of the chains to help them redesign their own creations each year. This can be a great way to display what you can do, and to have people tasting your foods from all over the country. When you  are creating restaurant recipes for a chain, you are not doing the cooking, but you have created something that is all yours, and people everywhere are going to be eating it. That can not be said if you just work in one place.

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