Day Trip in Oslob Whale Sharks and Kawasan Falls in Badian

Are you a person living outside Philippines but as you see the wonder in the place you seems to have the interest to visit the place? Then, that’s a good thing because if you have heard about Cebu already then we highly encourage you to do a Whale Sharks and Kawasan Falls package. Basically, I will give you the tips why you should get to the Oslob Whale Sharks and Kawasan falls and how to do it.

Why Visit Oslob Whale Sharks?

The Whale Shark Watching is one of most fascinating attractions in the island of Cebu. They are locally called as “tuki” or “butanding” which is amazing also if you have a close encounter with these creatures. The whale sharks are considered as the largest fish in the world, and can reach up to 15 meter long but you can observed smaller whale sharks on the place. They may be big they’re harmless and friendly to humans and other smaller creature.

Why Visit Kawasan Falls?

Aside from having the photos with the waterfalls as you brag online that you’ve been to this place. The environment will make you feel away from the stress that is brought by the works that you have the city. You will enjoy the view, and the trek that will take for about 20 to 30 minutes from the main highway where you will be drop off.  On the way, you’ll see the lifestyle of the locals living there and the calming view and music from the waters, and you might just stop for a moment to really feel the moment. You can just the flowing of water, the splashing of water, and the falling of it, and of course the people that you’ll see as they enjoy the cold water of the falls.

Never fail to really enjoy both of these tours in Cebu, as you unveil the beautiful island of Cebu.

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