Celebrities Boycott Delta After YouTube Hoaxster Booted From Flight

A number of superstars and entertainers agreed to boycott Delta Airlines right after Internet prankster Adam Saleh claimed he was thrown out from a Delta flight for talking to his mom in Arabic.

Saleh’s video of the unpleasant incident went viral on the internet. After he tweeted #BoycottDelta, the Twitter hashtag grew to become a top trending topic on the system. Before long, celebrities were hurrying to social media to protest what they thought to be a blatant example of “Islamophobia.”

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Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal referred to the incident as “terrifying,” and said “I will not be flying with @Delta.”

While celebs were fast to rush to judgement about Delta’s motives, other people were pointing out several peculiarities in Saleh’s story. Twitter user Ashley Rae mentioned that Saleh is a well-known Internet prankster who has created similar videos about interruptions on airplanes.

This is the video of the incident taking place. https://t.co/GfWyINBCI5

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