Buying Property on the Big Island of Hawaii

Buying property in paradise is not quite the same as buying a home in the Midwest. There are many factors to consider when buying a home on the Big Island of Hawaii.

This will help you along your path to your dream home. You can also know more about luxury property for sale in Hawaii by clicking right here.

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Here is a list of things you should consider before you contact a Real Estate Agent on the island. We’ll discuss each one of these items later on.

How far away from the big cities do you want to live?

What type of construction do you prefer?

Fee Simple or Leasehold?

Do you want a view? If so, ocean views or mountain views?

Specifications of the home you want?

Older or newer home?

Do you want to live on the west side or the dry side of the island?

How many beds/baths?

Square footage wanted?

Price range you can afford?

Size of the lot?

Take the list above and try and answer as many as you can before proceeding. If you can answer them all you are doing well! Now let’s discuss each one of these.

Do you want to live on the west side or the dry side of the island? This is a pretty simple straightforward question. Hilo is on the east or west side of the Big Island and gets about 140 inches of rain a year. Kona is on the west or dry side of the island and gets about 15 inches of rain a year. The wet side is green and lush and in constant high humidity.

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