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New candids from December 21st and January 1st.

Gallery Links:
Candids from 2011 > 21.12.11 – Running Errands
Candids from 2012 > 01.01.12 – Out In Malibu

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As you can see we got a new layout up! A big thank you to my friend Claudia for making this beautiful layout featuring some of my favourite Maggie pictures. I hope you all like it as much as I do, and feel free to leave a comment.

Updates coming shortly.

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Is that hard to understand?? Please stop spamming my mailbox with fan letters or pathetic total-waste-of-time hate letters.

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My mother was very politically active and taught both my brother and me that it is everyone’s responsibility as a citizen and as a person in the world to fight for what you believe in. And what I believe very strongly is that every woman has the right to decide what she can do with her body.

That seems like a no-brainer to me, but it’s not to some politicians; they’re working to restrict women’s access to reproductive health services—things like cancer screenings, birth control and abortion care. With jobs bills waiting on legislative calendars, the unemployment rate at a crisis level and many Americans losing their homes, I find it incredibly frustrating that we’re being forced to spend so much time and energy (and, yes, money) defending something as basic as self-determination.

The assaults on women’s health care have been fast and furious. Over 80 abortion restrictions were enacted in 2011—more than double the previous record, in 2005. But it’s not just abortion that’s under fire. Texas governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry dramatically cut funding that would have provided many low-income women with cervical cancer screenings, birth control and STD prevention and treatment. Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey slashed $7.5 million from his state’s budget meant for family planning centers that provide birth control and Pap tests. And there are dozens more examples all over the country. (You can visit Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s womenarewatching.org to see where some 2012 candidates stand on these issues.)

Many of these attacks are designed to shut down one provider: Planned Parenthood, the only health care provider to have been targeted by name in recent federal legislation. Restricting access to the services Planned Parenthood provides would affect millions of women—one in five American women turns to a Planned Parenthood health center at some point in her life. And more than 90 percent of these centers’ services are in preventive care; 3 percent are in abortion care.

I find these restrictions dismaying because they disproportionately target women with lower incomes. Wealthy women will always be able to access the health care they need. Planned Parenthood is there for every woman. This is an organization that works in communities to provide high-quality care like cervical cancer screenings, breast exams, HIV tests and birth control—often to women who would otherwise go without. It is the place you call if you are 16 and don’t know whom to ask about birth control. It’s the website that has answers in the middle of the night. It’s the health care resource that offers compassion and respect to women at times when they are incredibly vulnerable and afraid.

I’ve been a Planned Parenthood supporter my whole life—since my mom took me to a rally when I was in sixth grade. It’s chilling to think of this resource being taken away. I have a five-year-old daughter, and I’m pregnant with my second child. I know when my children are older, I will be taking them to events like the one I went to with my mom. I hope we’ll be celebrating our freedoms and rights, not fighting for them once again as we are now.

Oscar-nominated Maggie Gyllenhaal stars in next month’s Won’t Back Down.

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I’ve added some candids of Maggie doing some Christmas shopping in NYC on December 22nd.

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I’ve added scans of an interview with Maggie in Elle France. Enjoy!

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Maggie Gyllenhaal says it’s hard to find a range of “perfect dresses” for her many public appearances.

The stunning star admits that although she always tries her hardest to look good on the red carpet, there are going to be inevitable slip-ups. Maggie has revealed that hunting for lots of glamorous gowns can be tricky.

“For the premiere of Hysteria in Toronto a few months ago, I was pregnant but no-one knew. I also had flu and my dress didn’t fit well as the zip was broken,” she told the French edition of Elle. “The day after, I had a look on the internet and saw so many terrible comments! But this is the life of an actress, you have good days and bad days, and when you are promoting a movie and we have to find 15 different dresses per week, yes, one of them might be less perfect than the others.”

Maggie recently announced that she is expecting her second child with her husband Peter Sarsgaard. The actress has confessed that it is difficult to find time to exercise while she is working and caring for her five-year-old daughter, Ramona.

“Honestly, I don’t know how mothers who are working find time to go do exercise. I can’t be a wife, a mother, an actress and run every day,” she shrugged.

“So, I have to admit that I find it easier to forget to run than to cook dinner for my daughter.”


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I apologies for not adding these before now.. but enjoy!

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Another day, another casting change on “The Iceman.” The film, which was originally set to star James Franco, Benicio Del Toro and Michael Shannonhas dropped the first two actors on the way to filming, and has now lost one more esteemed thesp, with another random choice filling in to fill out this pretty bizarre cast.

Deadline reports that Winona Ryder will now take over for Maggie Gyllenhaal in the mob killer pic. Co-written (with Morgan Land) and set to be directed by Ariel Vromen, the film follows the exploits of Richard Kulinski (Shannon), one of the most notorious mob hitmen, claiming over 100 kills while keeping his true identity secret from his wife and kids. David Schwimmer will play the killer, Josh Rosenthal, who worked under mobster Roy Demoe (Ray Liotta). Ryder will now play the part of Kulinski’s unsuspecting wife with Ryan O’Nan as a “young hustler” who gets caught up in the story. Finally, Chris Evans will take the role of Mr. Softee aka Robert Pronge, Kulinski’s mentor assassin. a part previously slotted for Franco.


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New candids from November 25h and 28th have been added to the gallery.

Gallery Links:
Candids from 2011 > 25.11.11 – At the park with Ramona and Peter
Candids from 2011 > 28.11.11 – Picking up Ramona from school

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