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Batman, both on the small and large screen, has seen several actors playing the same character. Three actors played Catwoman during the run of the Batman television series of the 1960s and that show’s subsequent theatrical release, and the first Warner Bros. series of four movies had the same number of actors playing Batman.

The Dark Knight, the second installment of the latest film series, has managed to bring back some of Hollywood’s busiest actors, including Batman Begins star Christian Bale and costars Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine.

The only name actor to decide to move on from the first film was Katie Holmes, who played Batman’s love interest, Rachel Dawes. Holmes formally turned down a second chance at playing Rachel because of “scheduling conflicts”, but rumours persist that her husband, Tom Cruise, felt that the comedy Mad Money (which flopped) would be a better vehicle for her.

That left the door open for Maggie Gyllenhaal, who won numerous critics’ awards and Golden Globe nominations for roles in the independent films Secretary and SherryBaby. In The Dark Knight, Rachel is still a friend and confidante to Batman and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, but she is dating her boss, district attorney Harvey Dent. He wants to marry her, but she still has feelings for her first love.

In an L.A. hotel room, Gyllenhaal says that although she knew audiences might miss Holmes, she didn’t want to give them a character that seemed like a bad copy.

“I didn’t think I should imitate her [Holmes]. I wanted to make Rachel a new woman. I thought that was the best way to honour what Katie did. I think Rachel puts more on the line and sacrifices more for the things she believes in than the other characters.

“At the same time, there are some things in the narrative of the first film that have a big impact on our film. I paid attention to those, most importantly the end of the first film when Rachel tells Bruce Wayne, ‘I love you, but I can’t be with you as Batman.’ That happened, but I wanted her to start over in this film.”

Gyllenhaal admits that choosing to make the leap from indies to a film that is rumoured to have cost more than $200 million wasn’t particularly difficult. She says that although she still loves independent movies, she isn’t against finding new audiences for her work.

“I love indie films, although it [the independent scene] is not what it was when I first started making films. It is very hard to get an independent film made these days. And I don’t want to make a movie that 10 people see because I know they are the 10 people who believe what I believe in.

“I want to make movies that have an effect on people who don’t agree with me. I want to open their minds and hearts, and I think this is exactly the right way to do that.”

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MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL is quitting New York because she has been hounded out of the city by the paparazzi.

The actress, her fiance Peter Sarsgaard and daughter Ramona, have already abandoned Manhattan for more suburban Brooklyn, in a bid for more privacy.

But the Dark Knight star claims they may have to move further afield to escape intrusion.

Gyllenhaal tells Moviefone, “It’s a constant effort. When we moved out of the city, to Brooklyn, that helped a lot. Still, there will be paparazzi, but I just know. I will never take Ramona into SoHo, I will never ever take her into the West Village, because they’ll pounce on her. We’ll probably ultimately just move to the country.

“Then you come into the city, you know what to expect, there’ll be some paparazzi. I’ll go to an event, I’ll get dressed up, they can take my picture there (and) just have my family life be separate.”

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The stars of The Dark Knight lit up Lincoln Center on Monday.

But the talk of the premiere, held at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square theater, was the one actor missing: Heath Ledger.

Ledger, who played the homicidal Joker, died of an accidental prescription drug overdose in January. And this film is his last finished release, with buzz of an Oscar nomination for his turn as an amoral villain. Guests, including newlywed Ethan Hawke, Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick and reality star Lauren Conrad, walked the black carpet, which was lined with posters of the Joker. Ledger’s family attended the premiere, but did not talk to press or pose for photos.

“I just got chills looking at the poster. Heath is so wonderful in this movie. He’s in our hearts,” said Aaron Eckhart, who plays crusading district attorney Harvey Dent. “It’s for him. It’s his movie.”

Ledger’s turn as the Joker is “fantastic,” said Christian Bale, who plays Batman. “He steals the movie. I’m quite happy to say that.”

The Dark Knight, opening Friday, stars Bale in his second outing as the caped crusader/Bruce Wayne. This time, he’s battling the Joker. Maggie Gyllenhaal fills Katie Holmes’ heels as an ambitious prosecutor torn between Dent and Wayne.

Fans, lined up outside barricades, chanted “Christian! Christian!” when Bale arrived. As for the film, among the year’s most hyped? “I hope it lives up to their expectations,” said Bale, a man of brevity. “We’ll see.”

Michael Caine, who plays Bruce Wayne’s wise butler Alfred, called Ledger’s death “such a waste. Unbelievable. When you see this movie, you’ll see one of the best performances not from him — but ever,” said Caine, who thinks Ledger is a shoo-in for an Academy Award. “I’d hate to be up for an Oscar this year in the supporting category. If someone beats him, I want to see who.”

Gyllenhaal, in a custom-made Dries Van Noten dress, kept things light before walking the carpet. “I had a glass of wine. I did some yoga,” she said.

As for Ledger, “It’s very difficult to talk about. This isn’t really the place where you open your heart up,” said Gyllenhaal. “It’s terribly sad that Heath is gone, and of course I feel bad, but it’s difficult to talk about here.”

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Ledger was on the mind of his Dark Knight co-stars at last night’s New York premiere. The event was star-studded as Christian Bale and Aaron Eckhart, Heath Ledger’s “Dark Knight” co-stars each raved about the late actor’s jaw-dropping performance.

Christian Bale, who plays the caped crusader, told “Extra” – “He [Ledger] was great. He’s a phenomenal talent. He was great company. I miss him dearly.”

Aaron Eckhart recalled working with Ledger, he responded, “I can remember him just being completely and totally in love with his part… Just creating a character that will live forever in Batman history.”

Maggie Gyllenhaal added, “Heath was totally free in this movie as an actor. It’s so unusual, even for the greatest actors to do that.”

Playing the Joker in the upcoming film has won the late actor rave reviews and has even garnered talk of a posthumous Oscar®. Bale declared, “It would be wonderful if it happened.” Eckhart also said, “It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. He deserves it.”

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Maggie Gyllenhaal has revealed that she sometimes feels “hurt” by criticism she receives in the press.

The Batman actress admitted that she does not always respond well when magazines place her on ‘worst dressed’ lists, for example.

“Sometimes it freaks me out. I’ve been so hurt and felt so bad,” Gyllenhaal told Marie Claire magazine. “People will always say mean things about you if you put yourself out there.”

The star also confirmed that she has adapted well to motherhood after a shaky start. Maggie and her fiancé Peter Sarsgaard welcomed the arrival of their first child Ramona in October 2006.

“I’ve spent all my time learning how to be a mother and make a home with a child,” she said. “When Ramona [was first born], I didn’t know what I was doing.”

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Washington, July 15 (ANI): American actress Maggie Gyllenhaal opened up about her family, especially her brother actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Gyllenhaal revealed that her brother, often seen in the company of girlfriend Reese Witherspoon and her children, was a natural when it came to handling children.

“He’’s great with kids it comes naturally to him,” People magazine quoted Maggie as saying in the August issue of Marie Claire, about.

“He really has that touch,” she said.

The knowledge of his magic touch with kids is something his sister has seen first hand, with her daughter, Ramona, turning 2 in October.

“I”ve spent all my time learning how to be a mother and make a home with a child,” she tells the magazine, out July 15.

“[When Ramona was first born], I didn”t know what I was doing,” she stated.

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If Maggie Gyllenhaal were a superhero, she’d combine the power of strength with invisibility.

The actress, 30, has opted for an existence that’s removed from Hollywood and Manhattan, living in Brooklyn with her fiancé, Peter Sarsgaard, 37, and their daughter, Ramona, who turns 2 in October. She walks around in nondescript clothes, pairing a gray jacket with a loose skirt, her hair pulled loosely away from her face. Photos of Ramona were never sold to any magazines, and the little girl is rarely photographed out, despite hitting local playgrounds and parks with her parents.

“We do our best, but it’s very difficult,” says Gyllenhaal of shielding her toddler. “You do the best you can. (But) they still find you.”

She could become easier to spot after her co-starring turn in The Dark Knight, out July 18, one of this summer’s most awaited films.

Gyllenhaal takes over for Katie Holmes, who appeared in 2005′s Batman Begins, as Rachel Dawes, Gotham’s ambitious, nattily attired prosecutor who’s torn between DA Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and Batman himself (Christian Bale). Gotham, meanwhile, is being terrorized by a demonic, disfigured criminal: the Joker (Heath Ledger).

Dark Knight looks likely to vault Gyllenhaal, often dubbed the art-house princess for her long list of edgy films (2006′s World Trade Center, Stranger Than Fiction, SherryBaby; 2002′s Secretary), into a stratosphere of stardom she’s not so sure she wants.

The film is Gyllenhaal’s first bona-fide behemoth of a movie, a prospect that leaves her a little leery.

“I really didn’t know if I wanted to do a huge blockbuster,” she says. “And I don’t think I realized how big it was going to be. I’m really proud of the movie, to be a part of something really great. When you see Dark Knight, you see that it’s in no way a compromise.”

That’s no surprise to directors who have worked with her.

She’s “a powerful actress, original, different,” says Oliver Stone (World Trade Center).

“She’s one of the most original and most talented actresses of her generation,” says Marc Forster (Stranger Than Fiction). “She’s very much in the moment and captures the moment in a three-dimensional way.”

Unlike other stars with careers poised to hit the big time, her instinct is not to jump right into it. It’s to pull back. Once she’s done promoting the film, she says, “I’m going to try and hide out a little bit.”

When it came to her Dark Knight role, she was the furthest thing from passive. She met with director Christopher Nolan in Los Angeles to discuss what made the character tick. They swapped ideas, and she talked about how she saw Rachel. And then she landed the holy grail: an actual copy of the script.

“It was a big deal. This guy sat in my driveway the entire day. I was a new mom and it was a really long script, and I was trying to do other things while reading it,” she says.

“I had a lot of ideas,” she adds. And when talking it over with Nolan, “I was very clear that I didn’t want to be arm candy. He was so receptive, so interested.”

Nolan says that Gyllenhaal was a natural choice “because she has the kind of natural drive that I thought the character needed. She isn’t the type to show up and read lines. She has specific ideas about her character, and isn’t afraid to bring them up.”

The 1999 Columbia University grad, part of the Gyllenhaal filmmaking family (mom is screenwriter Naomi Foner, dad is director Stephen Gyllenhaal and her brother is actor Jake), wanted Rachel to be smart, outspoken and a solid presence.

Eckhart calls her “a strong personality. She has very distinct ideas about her character. She has opinions, a lot of energy and is not a pushover.”

Anyone who has spent time around the actress can attest to her strength of will. She has been known to berate tabloid reporters for working for publications that stalk her and her daughter.

She’s more circumspect when it comes to Ledger, who died of an accidental drug overdose in January. Gyllenhaal recently saw Dark Knight for the first time, but she isn’t one to share any intimate memories of working with Ledger and has been critical of the circus-like coverage of his death and funeral. But she does say that watching him on screen left her “really emotional.”

“In the middle,” she says, “you sort of get lost in him being the Joker. … I felt like someone could hate this or love this, or think it’s a wrong choice or a right choice, but really there’s no way to qualify it. Sometimes in my work, you’re just alive and being the person you’re playing. It’s unusual. It’s difficult to get there. And I think Heath did. Nothing Heath could do was wrong.”

Despite the film’s dark subject matter, the set at times resembled a day care center. Gyllenhaal shot the film when Ramona was an infant and brought her to the set. There, she was often greeted by Nolan’s four children. “Sometimes it was the only way we could see our kids,” Nolan says. “She always came prepared, but that side of her helped keep things light on set.”

Adds Eckhart: “Maggie brought her child to set, and Heath brought (daughter) Matilda. Gary (Oldman) has two beautiful young boys. So the baby talk was rampant in the makeup trailer. I remember just watching Maggie as she talked with such excitement about her daughter: ‘She pumped out her cheeks,’ and I’d be like, ‘All right!’ “

In interviews, Gyllenhaal is less revealing. She’s crisply polite and friendly without ever bordering on cuddly. Forster says some may confuse her reticence with coldness, when in fact, “I’d say she’s more quiet, a little bit shy.”

She’ll happily demonstrate the correct way to eat an artichoke or talk about her latest read, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. But she’s not sharing baby photos or anecdotes.

And she’s on a tight schedule, thanks to her daughter’s nighttime regimen: “This is an intense time with a kid. It’s the time for the dinner and bath and bed, and I’d like to catch some of it.”

Being a mom changed Gyllenhaal’s outlook; at least for a while, working was out. “I read so many things that I could do, but it wasn’t worth it to me,” she says. “I don’t know what it would take. Some kind of little spark? I didn’t have it for a long time. I didn’t, until she was about a year old. I really didn’t feel ambition.”

Now, that drive is back. And she’s looking for “something hard. I want to find a really good, hard drama. But there are things I can’t do anymore. There was a movie that wanted to shoot off the coast of Tasmania, on an island that had no inhabitants, no store.

“Peter was great. He said, ‘If you want to do it, we’ll figure it out; I’ll go with you and take care of her.’ I think it would be irresponsible. I can’t do that anymore. Your priorities shift.”

One thing she did last year: show serious skin in a campaign for luxe lingerie label Agent Provocateur.

Gyllenhaal was a fan of the line, especially after Ramona’s birth left her “a good 20 pounds heavier” and in need of a confidence boost.

“They make nursing bras, and I went right in there and bought three pairs of matching bras and underwear that made me feel so good about myself. All of a sudden, to have a hot-pink something peeking out from my shirt a little bit — it made me feel so good,” she says.

And then, the British label asked her to pose in their racy campaign, which made its debut in September.

“I found myself, six months after having a baby, in my underwear, getting my picture taken. How did I get here?” says Gyllenhaal, smiling. “It was like playing a character. They’re sexy, but they also have a little bit of irony in them. I love that.”

But, like with Dark Knight, the scope of the project — and the attention she’d get for it — didn’t really register with Gyllenhaal until later.

“I didn’t know how scrutinized I’d be. My brother called me and said, ‘I’m in Heathrow, and there’s a 12-foot picture of you upside down in a negligee.’ People are really rough on you when you do things like that. But I had a good time.”

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Maggie Gyllenhaal, who plays Bruce Wayne’s (Christian Bale) childhood best friend Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight, proves she’s just like every other woman out there: She wants a normal guy as the man in her life.

In Batman Begins we learned that Rachel felt as though she couldn’t be with her true love Bruce Wayne while he was playing the role of the Batman. This is why, in The Dark Knight, she chooses to be with politician Harvey Dent, played by Aaron Eckhart. At last night’s “black carpet” premiere, I had to ask Maggie: What girl doesn’t want to be with a superhero?

“Well you know, I think it’s complicated. I do think that when Rachel, in this movie, finds herself face to face with Batman she’s weak in the knees. It works its wonders on her, and it did on me too. I think it’s very appealing in many ways. At the same time, if you’re really going to fall in love with somebody, you don’t want them to be dressed up in a funny costume and risk their life every night flying around the city. And who knows if they’re going to come back dead the next day. It’s a reasonable thing to be concerned about.”

Thus Harvey Dent swooped into Rachel’s life, though as fans know, it’s never easy for a woman to leave Batman in the dust.

“I think she really loves them both equally,” Maggie said. “But I think they each have different things on each other. I think she’s trying to figure out who is more honorable. I think part of what she thinks is sexy in a man is someone who’s got honor. I think they’re both trying to do good and I think they’re both doing it in very different ways and she’s trying to figure out which way she thinks is really most honorable.”

When I asked Aaron Eckhart what he had on Batman in this love triangle, all he could do was laugh. Even guys know it’s hard to beat out the superhero!

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