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Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced the Sam Mendes comedy Away We Go is scheduled for a simultaneous Blu-ray Disc and DVD release on September 29.Away We Go, starring John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph, Jeff Daniels, Maggie Gyllenhaal, saw a limited theatrical release that never exceeded 500 theaters en route to approximately $9 million in box office receipts. It is making a relatively swift three-month turnaround to home video.

The Blu-ray Disc edition will be offered in 2.35:1 1080p video and 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. Limited bonus features are as follows:

The Making of Away We Go

  • Green Filmmaking
  • Feature Commentary with Director Sam Mendes and Writers Dave Eggers & Vendela Vida
  • BD Live – Download Center
  • BD Live – My Scenes Sharing

Check back regularly for Away We Go Blu-ray high-res cover art and Amazon pre-order information, which should be priced around $28 based on the $39.98 SRP.

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The media site is back online! We had a small problem because the old domain (maggie-gyllenhaal.info) expired but the media site was never moved from that domain. But anyway the media site is now on maggie-gyllenhaal.net like the rest of the content and you can now watch Maggie videos again on media.maggie-gyllenhaal.net. With all this I also got around putting up a new layout, I really really like this one Maggie looks so beautiful.


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Thanks to the lovely Qua I have added screen captures of Maggie in Trust The Man.

Gallery Links:
Movie Productions: Trust The Man > DVD Screen Captures
Movie Productions: Trust The Man > DVD Main Menus

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Sorry the media site is currently down, my host has been informed about the issue so am waiting for it to get fixed. Please be patient.

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Fox Searchlight has fallen for “Crazy Heart.”

The distrib paid a seven-figure minimum guarantee for worldwide rights to the indie drama, set for release in the spring. Searchlight has been one of the few studio specialty arms that continues to actively acquire finished films.

Pic stars Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Colin Farrell and Robert Duvall.

It is thesp Scott Cooper’s helming debut. Cooper also penned the script based on an eponymous novel by Thomas Cobb. Story concerns an aging country singer (Bridges) who finds inspiration through his relationship with a reporter (Gyllenhaal) while dealing with the rise of his younger protege (Farrell). Duvall plays a mentor to Bridges’ character.

T-Bone Burnett (“Walk the Line”) created the original music for the film.

Viacom’s Country Music Television cabler is also in the financing mix.

Producers are Judy Cairo, Cooper, Duvall and Butchers Run’s Rob Carliner.

Cooper and Duvall both appear in indie “Get Low,” which premieres at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

Project was packaged and sold by ICM, which also assembled the financing.

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Check out the no-nasties skincare range Maggie Gyllenhaal, Emma Watson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are raving about.

When Maggie Gyllenhaal says it’s ‘unbelievable’, facialist-to-the-stars Nichola Joss calls it her ‘skin saviour’ and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has it shipped to her even when she’s globetrotting, you know it’s worth checking out!

The range causing a celebrity stampede is MV Organics, the natural skincare brand created by Australian facialist Sharon McGlinchey. Developed for all skin types, but especially brilliant on dry or eczema and rosacea-prone skins, it’s super-calming, even post chemical peel.

The heroes in the range include Joss’s fave, Rose Hydrating Mist and the Instant Revival Booster, plus the decongesting Gentle Cream Cleanser scores highly. Watch this space as McGlinchey’s legendary facials hit these shores soon.


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Added screen captures from Homegrown in which Maggie has a small role as Christina the babysitter. Sorry I couldn’t get rid of the subtitles.

Gallery Links:
Movie Productions: Homegrown > DVD Screen Captures

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Continuing with the public appereances. I’ve added another 208 HQs from 2008 appreances.

Gallery Links:
2008 Public Appereances: 2008 Duracell Power A Smile Campaign
2008 Public Appereances: Blackberry Bold Launch Party
2008 Public Appereances: CFDA Fashion Awards
2008 Public Appereances: Commes Des Garcons Collection launch for H&M
2008 Public Appereances: Costume Institute Gala
2008 Public Appereances: The Late Show with David Letterman
2008 Public Appereances: Gen Art & SOYJOY Fashionably Natural fashion show
2008 Public Appereances: HUGO BOSS concept store in the Meatpacking District – Arrivals
2008 Public Appereances: MoMa Film Benefit Gala Honoring Baz Luhrmann
2008 Public Appereances: The Dark Knight Tokyo Press Conference
2008 Public Appereances: Ray-Ban Remasters event
2008 Public Appereances: The Dark Knight Tokyo Premiere

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2444 screen captures from Sherrybaby has been added to the gallery. Without a doubt my personal favourite performance by Maggie!

Gallery Links:
Movie Productions: Sherrybaby > DVD Screen Captures

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Maggie Gyllenhaal co-starred last year in one of the biggest comic-book blockbusters ever, The Dark Knight. But now the actress is venturing from the big-budget Batman franchise to Away We Go, an indie film directed by Sam Mendes.

In the film, Gyllenhaal gets a wildly comic turn as a hippie mom obsessed with going back to basics to raise her kids. And as Parade.com’s Jeanne Wolf found out, Maggie was glad she was a mom herself (raising a three-year-old daughter with Peter Saarsgard, whom she recently married) before taking the part.

Becoming an earth mother.
“Shortly before my daughter was born, I had a fantasy that everything was going to be organic and cloth diapers. I think a lot of people are that way. And then, of course, you actually have a child you have to manage in the real world with all the complications that brings. But the woman I play is really far out when it comes to her ideas of parenting. She’s still nursing her 4-year-old and the whole family sleeps in bed together. I’ve never gone that far.”

Her advice on parenting.
“If I’ve learned anything as a mom with a daughter who’s three, I’ve learned that you cannot judge the way another person is raising their kid. Everybody is just doing the best they can. It’s hard to be a mom. I can relate to the anxieties of having other people tell you what to do.”

The one essential for a Big Apple mom.

“I had a stroller from the beginning. You can’t function without a stroller in New York. Thank God for my stroller. When my daughter was born, we were sent all sorts of strollers by these stroller companies because that’s one of the perks of being an actor. And so we kind of tried all of them and it was sort of like picking out your first car. We have one that is lightweight and easy to fold. I’m good with a stroller, like those moms who know how to click ‘em and close ‘em just before they jump on the subway.”

Mothering on and off the set.
“I don’t know if I could have done the movie if I wasn’t a mother. I had to comfort a crying 11-month-old baby. If I hadn’t been able to pull it off, we would have wasted a lot of film time. So I thought, ‘Thank God, I know what to do.’ Then I’d go home to my own baby daughter. So I felt like I was just doing non-stop mothering.”

Getting back to work.
“I found it very difficult to decide to do anything after my daughter was born. But I finally figured out that, as an actress, there are some things you just can’t say no to. I just thought, ‘How can I not work with Sam Mendes? I have to do Away We Go. But I like to take my daughter with me and it’s much easier when you’re doing a big studio blockbuster like The Dark Knight because there’s a lot of just sitting around in your trailer. When you’re doing a tiny indie film, you’re working so hard you just don’t have any time. You work a lot harder.”

The battle she keeps on fighting.
“Not smoking is a never-ending struggle. You put a cigarette to your mouth, you light it, and you know that you’re hurting yourself. I did it at least 10 times a day and my throat hurt, my voice was gone, but I still was attracted to it. It’s the same thing as dating someone who’s not great for you, or staying up all night before you have something really important to do the next day. It’s something that we all do, and I’m not exactly clear as to why we do it.”

Bonding with Emma Thompson.
“I’m in London now shooting Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang with Emma Thompson, which has been amazing. We both brought our daughters to the set. I’m in love with her. She’s kind of a goddess, I think. I also made Crazy Heart, which I think is probably my favorite movie I’ve ever done. Jeff Bridges plays a country singer and I play a journalist, and we have an ill-fated and wild love affair. It was a small film and it took a lot out of me, but it was worth it.”

Note to actors who settled for a high-school education.
“I am so glad I went to college. I mean, I thank God for that. I learned that my ideas were worth something. That I could articulate what it was I wanted to say. That I could listen. That I could change my ideas. That I could convince someone of something I thought was important. And all of those skills are incredibly important if you’re actress.”

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