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As both a mother and an actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal — mother to 3-year-old Ramona with husband Peter Sarsgaard, 38 — has felt torn in two very different directions.

“I had been so focused on Ramona — and she’s been everything to me — but I’m also an actress,” the star, 32, tells UsMagazine.com. “It’s not possible to do it perfectly.”

Gyllenhaal, who stars in Crazy Horse (out now), says that she took the role as a single mom because “I wanted to do something for me.”

Still, this isn’t her first gig since giving birth to her daughter in October 2006.

“I made The Dark Knight and Away We Go, but I was only on set for a few days,” she recalls. “So, in a sense, [Crazy Horse] is the first thing that felt like the kind of work that I’m really used to.”

Although she was able to put her child-rearing experience to work for her in her latest drama, she isn’t opposed to taking a bigger leap with her next character.

“Being a mom is so present in my mind and my work,” she tells Us. “It’s the most important thing about me, but next I’d like to play someone who’s not a mother. Really!”

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NEW YORK — Maggie Gyllenhaal can’t imagine letting her daughter, Ramona, 3, hang out unsupervised with an alcoholic vagabond musician.

But it’s what her character Jean does, with catastrophic consequences, in the drama Crazy Heart, now in theaters.

“Being a mother forces me to be so responsible. I’m very protective, and I try to keep (Ramona) out of this Hollywood stuff,” says Gyllenhaal, 32. “But I make mistakes. I have that tug of wanting things that feel good to me and trying to figure out in what ways I have to sacrifice and what ways she has to sacrifice. I haven’t been perfect at that.”

Gyllenhaal, whose last major film role was in 2008 hit The Dark Knight, says she’s torn between her family life in Brooklyn, where she resides with her husband, Peter Sarsgaard, and Ramona, and the desire to work. It’s why she felt compelled to play novice reporter and single mom Jean in the drama, co-starring Jeff Bridges as a boozing country singer who meets Jean during an interview and ends up bedding her.

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Before I went on christmas holidays I promised that I would upload all the Crazy Heart related videos to the media archive when I got back home. I’m home now and I have just uploaded 10 videos to the media archive. Enjoy!

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Crazy Heart Interview (9)
Late Show with David Letterman – December 21, 2009

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Maggie Gyllenhaal lives on Sesame Street, otherwise known as a Park Slope byway. The four-story brownstone she shares with husband Peter Sarsgaard and their 3-year-old, Ramona, has emission-free “fireplaces” and an overabundance of couches in the parlor, but the first thing you notice is a pile of well-loved paperbacks waiting to be deposited on the sidewalk. “In Brooklyn—maybe it’s the same in the city—you’re kind of allowed to put things in front of your house, and they’ll always get taken,” she says with such awe it’s hard to believe she moved to New York from L.A. fifteen years ago, at 17. From upstairs comes the sound of Ramona having a grand time doing toddler things. This is the home that’s teaching Gyllenhaal to be an adult, she explains. She gave birth and closed on the brownstone within the space of two days and learned that “when you have a child, life becomes impossible if you’re not organized. Like, to take the subway with a huge diaper bag full of all sorts of shit is awful.” Same with homeowning. “I had no idea what I was taking on: a brownstone that hadn’t been touched since the seventies. We made huge mistakes. At first, when we got bids on work, we said, ‘Of course we’ll take the cheapest bid.’ Which I would not do anymore at all.”

Work almost sounds like a vacation. She and Ramona romped around Santa Fe and hippie-filled hot springs while filming Crazy Heart, with Jeff Bridges in an Oscar-baiting role as an alcoholic country-and-western singer and Gyllenhaal as the rookie reporter who falls for him. And they just returned from a four-month shoot in London, where she was playing a harried WWII mother of three opposite Emma Thompson’s magical governess in Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang.

But now Gyllenhaal’s ready for more domestic improvement. She’s already got cooking down, but she’s actually been reading an instruction manual, Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House, to figure out the rest. “Honestly, I grew up with a mom who was a writer, and her mom was a doctor, and I wasn’t handed down a lot of housekeeping tips.” In a few days, a nervous Gyllenhaal will be having a group of fifteen over for a “ Russ & Daughters Christmas morning”—a compromise between her Jewish upbringing and Sarsgaard’s Catholic one—and she has a mess of shopping to do. So she suggests a trek down snowy concrete to “beautiful” gourmet shop Bklyn Larder.

On the way, Gyllenhaal marvels at the quaint little life she’s managed to carve out in this place she doesn’t really consider to be New York City (as in, “I thought I would have kids in New York City, but I’m glad I’m out of there”). She tells how, after the recent blizzard, everyone got up to shovel, except for the nightclub Southpaw. But she wasn’t mad. “I just thought, Aw, they’re still sleeping.” She raves about her favorite coffee shop, Gorilla, “though they’re a little tough there. One time Peter was like, ‘Do you think we could come over and get 20 to-go cups for a little party?’ I mean, we go there every day. And they were like, ‘Uh, I don’t think so.’?” A garbage man waves and she waves back. “I mean, you’ve got to thank the garbage man, right?” she says, though she refuses to speculate with me on which of her movies he’s seen. “Our block, it’s like Sesame Street. It really is. There are people who live in one room, and people who own the whole brownstone. There are people of all colors. When we were living in the West Village, there was that whole black-tranny-hooker contingent, which is completely wiped out now. Here, everything converges.”

Picking out her cheese plate at Larder, Gyllenhaal already knows she wants Petit Agour and Stichelton. Vacherin Mont d’Or is too “holiday season; they’re very sophisticated, my friends.” She dislikes a particularly earthy-tasting Pecorino Gregoriano she tries, but decides to get it anyway: “My husband will love that kind of dirty-whore cheese.” In search of something soft and gooey, she calls her mother, screenwriter Naomi Foner. “Hi, I’m doing an interview, but I have a quick question because we’re, like, fake-cheese-shopping in the interview, but I am actually buying cheese. What is that kind you used to buy, with the ceramic dish and the cream, that was so delicious?” The counterman, listening in, says he’ll get in some Saint Marcellin tomorrow for her, and the shopping—fake and real—is finished.

On the way back, I ask Gyllenhaal if she has any lowbrow guilty pleasures. Does she watch reality TV? “No! Do you?” Does she want to see Avatar? “Peter really wants to go. Oh, I saw Up in the Air last night. It was sort of a guilty pleasure. Different from watching an Almodóvar movie.” And later on, she’s getting Sarsgaard to take her to Ikea. “We read a lot of novels, and we have boxes and boxes of books we’ve given away, but we have eight more to sort through, and at this point, I just want them off of the floor. I don’t care if the bookshelves are beautiful.”


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A Maggie Gyllenhaal dialogue in Away We Go has made it number 1 on The New York Post list of 10 best Hollywood movie lines of 2009

Compiled by The New York Post, the list of Best Movie Lines of ’09 is as follows:

1 “I love my babies. Why would I want to push them away from me?” – hippie mom Maggie Gyllenhaal explaining why she’s opposed to strollers in Away We Go


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Maggie Gyllenhaal would jump at the chance to work with her husband Peter Sarsgaard again because their co-starring roles in off-Broadway’s Uncle Vanya revved up their love life.

The couple, which wed in Italy in May (09), performed together in the Chekhov play earlier this year (09).
And Gyllenhaal insists mixing her home life with work strengthened their bond because they were so turned on by each other’s work ethic.

The Dark Knight actress explains, “I could see how it would be awful for some people. For us it was like bliss. It was sexy and I felt like doing a Chekhov play, there are going to be times when you struggle, there are going to be times when you get things wrong, when you’re flailing, and I felt like he respected me every minute.

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Merry Christmas!

We here at Maggie Gyllenhaal Online wants to wish everybody a merry christmas and I hope you all have a really a festive evening tonight/tomorrow. Updates with return after christmas, I’ll be off the until the 27th so don’t expect any updates the following days.

But you’re not going without updates today, I have added HQs of Maggie visiting David Letterman. The video of the interview plus other Crazy Heart related interviews will be added after christmas.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal is used to playing strong women and on the big screen and on stage, so she admits it was a little tough for her to play the emotionally wounded and vulnerable Jean Craddock in the dramatic movie “Crazy Heart.” In “Crazy Heart,” Gyllenhaal’s character is a journalist at a small-time publication who meets a has-been country singer named Bad Blake (played by Jeff Bridges) for an interview. Jean is a single mom with an admitted history of making the wrong choices in her personal life — and, not surprisingly, Jean ends up falling in love with Bad, an irresponsible alcoholic.

In real life, Gyllenhaal is much more assured than Jean is, and the actress has a stable family life that includes her husband, actor Peter Sarsgaard, and their daughter, Ramona. I caught up with Gyllenhaal at the “Crazy Heart” press junket in New York City, where we talked about her favorite country music, which person she would most want to interview in real life, and what it was like having a bunch of musicians on the “Crazy Heart” movie set.

When they first meet, Jean Craddock and Bad Blake bond over their love of Left Frizzell’s music. Did you know about Lefty Frizzell before doing “Crazy Heart”?

Did I know Lefty Frizzell as a musician? It’s interesting that you ask me that because I actually do listen to country music and it completely came from me. I was born in New York and I grew up in California and I’ve lived here for 15 years, in New York. There’s no reason at all why I should like country music and I do.

The country music that I listen to though, I’m not sure what ["Crazy Heart" producer/composer] T Bone [Burnett] would think, because it’s not influenced by where I’m living at all and none of my friends listen to country. It’s all my own thing. I didn’t know Lefty Frizzell, although I did listen to Merle Haggard and Hank Williams and some of the other old school guys that we talk about.

I didn’t listen to Lefty Frizzell until I started the movie and did the interview. But I do love Gillian Welch and Iris Dement, Emmylou Harris. I love the Dixie Chicks. I do listen to country music. And I don’t know why, I just like it. … read more »

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Maggie Gyllenhaal is the product of a show business family. Her father Stephen is an actor who launched Maggie’s career and her screenwriter mother Naomi Foner won a Golden Globe for Running on Empty. Sister of Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie has established herself as a solid actress capable of creating a myriad of characters, including her latest as Jean in Crazy Heart.

Mirror: How did you as the actress get past Bad Blake’s (Jeff Bridges) dysfunction and have your character fall in love with him?
Maggie: When you have a wonderful script and you’re acting with Jeff, it’s easy.

Mirror: Have you ever been attracted to the wrong person?
Maggie: I’ve been attracted to people who have been terrible for me. Sometimes you work through it and other times you don’t. That’s part of the reason why the movie is so good – because they are unlikely lovers.

Mirror: What made saying goodbye to Bad so difficult?
Maggie: It was hard because she loves him. She could have said, o.k. you’re clean and sober; let’s try. When we shot that scene, Jeff asked ‘Can I touch you?’ I just looked down and didn’t say anything, but I wished that I could say yes.

Mirror: Jean is attracted to him when he’s an unkempt drunk, but when he’s clean and sober and ready to build a new, healthy life with her, she rejects him.
Maggie: He gets out of rehab but how does she know he has his addiction licked. He lost her child (Buddy) and although she loves Bad, she couldn’t take a chance. He could fall off the wagon and lose Buddy again and it would completely be her fault.

Mirror: How do you compare yourself to Jean and how much personal sacrificing have you made?
Maggie: You can’t sacrifice everything for your children or you’ll be an empty shell. I don’t usually like to talk about my family, but my experience with being a mother is tied to this movie. I made the movie when my daughter was almost two. Before that, I had been focusing almost exclusively on being a mother and started to get restless. I’m an actress and had so much to express. It all came out in Crazy Heart and in a way very similar to Jean’s experience because she was trying so hard to balance being a good mom and have a career. At that point, she needed something for her. I had the same feeling. I needed something for me.

Mirror: Your brother Jake and your husband Peter (Sarsgaard) are pretty awesome. Do you talk about your careers at the dinner table?
Maggie: We try not to. My husband has a great way of thinking about awards. There are people who don’t care but most actors like awards, especially me. I know it’s not good for me to think about it because it’ll make me crazy.

Mirror: Lots of luck to you.
Maggie: Thank you.

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