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The Australian based movie magazine Filmink will be featuring a piece with Maggie Gyllenhaal and the movie Crazy Heart in their next issue.

If you’re interested in getting you hands on the magazine you can do so buy contacting them directly at dina@filmink.com.au with your inquiry. You can see the cover below:

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Maggie finally got her very first Academy Awards nomination! Maggie is nominated in the category “Actress in a Supporting Role” for her fantastic performance in Crazy Heart.

Other than Maggie’s long due nomination is Jeff Bridges who’s earned himself a nomination in the category “Actor in a Leading Role” and Crazy Heart in the category “Music (Original Song)

View the other nominees.

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Maggie spend her Sunday together with her husband Peter Sarsgaard and her brother Jake.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal has acted in the biggest of big movies – “The Dark Knight” (2008), anybody? – but she’s most at home in the smallest of the small, the quirky likes of “Donnie Darko” (2001), “Secretary” (2002), “Sherrybaby” (2005), “Away We Go” (2009) and her latest film, “Crazy Heart.”

“I am more comfortable in the indie films,” Gyllenhaal said. “I feel like it’s how I learned how to work. It’s how I learned best, shooting quickly, at least a scene in the day. I’m better with two scenes a day. Sure, maybe we’ll shoot five scenes a day – that is a little bit too fast, but I like that. I like having to incorporate all the things that get thrown at you, which you have to do less of when you work on a big movie. I do better work, I think, so far anyway, in this kind of intense, fast way.

“But I have done a lot of studio movies,” she added. “‘Stranger Than Fiction’ (2006) was pretty big. ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ (2003) was pretty big. The thing that was cool about ‘Batman,’ that was really, really notable, was that everybody in every department was an expert, which is not usually the case on a tiny movie. Whether you like the style of the movie or not, the people who are doing sound have done a million movies, down to every department. They’re probably not going to make a silly mistake. “When you work on a small movie, people sometimes do make silly mistakes. And you have to be forgiving. You have to kind of go, ‘Right, you’re learning. Me too. We all are. It’s OK.’ And what’s funny about that is that usually, in a small movie, a little silly mistake can set you back massively.” Now in limited release, “Crazy Heart” brings together two lonely people desperate for a human connection. Jeff Bridges stars as Bad Blake, a has-been country singer reduced to playing bowling alleys. He drinks too much, smokes too much and is one chili dog away from a heart attack, but he still can sing. Gyllenhaal plays Jean, a much-younger journalist and single mom. Bad and Jean begin a bittersweet romance, one that’s fueled by mutual attraction, alcohol, bad judgment and the promise of redemption. Gyllenhaal, who lives in New York with her husband, actor Peter Sarsgaard, and their 3-year-old daughter, Ramona, recently made the trek to a hotel in midtown Manhattan to discuss “Crazy Heart” with a small contingent of journalists. She describes the film, written and directed by Scott Cooper, as a love story about real people. “I think it happens in the way that real love stories happen,” the actress said. “Someone said to me, ‘Oh, it’s so fast the way they get together.’ Well, that’s the fantasy, I think, especially when it’s maybe a little bit of a mistake or you’re not sure, and ‘Was that OK? Was that not OK?’ It happens like that. “Also, how many people have you been with in your life where it’s a little bit right and a little bit not right?,” she added. “I think that’s every relationship. I feel like that’s very true in this – and compassionate, too, because they are people who are not doing so well. The movie is very compassionate toward them. “I love that about movies, where they can find some compassion for people who are struggling. If you watch a movie about that, you can practice having compassion for people who are much more closely connected to you (in real life), where it could be a little more difficult to have compassion for them.” Gyllenhaal’s oversized eyes brighten when she discusses Bridges. She admits that it was nearly impossible for her to separate the actor from his charismatic character. “You can’t,” she said. “He’s very appealing. I think she was starving for something, something for her. I don’t think it could have been anybody. I think she’s open when she goes into it. I don’t think she’s open to sleeping with him, but I think she’s just desperate for something that feels good to her. “And also, why does anyone fall in love with anyone?,” Gyllenhaal continued. “The circumstances of this movie are that, unless these two people really fall in love and you believe the depth of their love for each other, then who cares about the movie? So I knew that and Jeff knew that, and so we had to play people who fell in love. I don’t know why exactly.”


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New candids of Maggie at a medical building in Beverly Hills yesterday (January 27).

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Added 2 set of candids from January to the gallery.

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An array of Hollywood stars turned out to see Radiohead perform their Haiti charity gig in Los Angeles.

Tickets for the intimate Music Box Theater show were only available to the highest bidders via an online auction with all proceeds going to the relief fund in the eartquake hit nation.

James Bond actor Daniel Craig, Rosanna Arquette, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Charlize Theron and True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer were just some of the names in the crowd.

Radiohead’s career spanning 24-song set featured an array of classics including ‘Kid A’, ‘Nude’, ‘Lucky’, ‘How To Disappear Completely’, ‘Exit Music’, ‘Pyramid Song’, ‘The Bends’, ‘Paranoid Android’ and the ultimate ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’.

‘Lotus Flower’ also got its inaugural Radiohead outing after Thom Yorke debuted it during his shows last year.

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I’ve added 16 HQs from the photoshoot Maggie did for USA Today. Enjoy!

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Maggie Gyllenhaal worried she would have to ignore her ‘Crazy Heart’ director.

The actress stars in the movie with actor Jeff Bridges and admits she was delighted that Scott Cooper – who was helming his first film – surpassed her expectations.

She explained: “I loved Scott. And I went into it… At this point, often, I’ve worked with a lot of first time directors.

“To be honest, sometimes when I meet them – because it’s so hard to know how it’s going to go – I’m meeting them to see if I can do the movie alone, if I could do it without any help, if they won’t get in my way.

“But sometimes you read a great script and you think, ‘All right, I’ve got Jeff, a great part, can I just do this by myself? Is he going to get in my way?’ And that’s how I went into it with Scott.

“And after about a week, I started to kind of notice, ‘Oh, you can see me. Maybe you can help me.’ I loved him.”

Maggie also enjoyed working with Jeff because their approaches are so similar.

She added to About.com: “He and I really, we work very similarly. Scenes were never the same twice. We really kind of let ourselves react to each other in every moment. We just kind of went for it. Not everybody works that way. It was an incredible pleasure.”

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Added a HQ picture of Maggie in The Access Usnaps Photo Booth at the Golden Globes.

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