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Maggie Gyllenhaal has just nabbed one of the greatest honors an actor can have — an Academy Award nomination, for her supporting role in Crazy Heart. But instead of being a nervous first-time nominee, Maggie says she’s excited to enjoy the ride! “That’s my goal; I would like to have fun,” Maggie told OK! and other reporters at AARP The Magazine’s ninth annual Movies for Grownups Awards, honoring Robert De Niro in Beverly Hills.

Maggie adds that part of her relaxed attitude is due to the fact that the Oscar is her only chance to win an award for the role.

“I wasn’t nominated for anything else for this movie, so on some level, I let go of the award stuff,” she admits. “I did sort of go through the thing, ‘Oh, awards aren’t everything,’ and then to be nominated was kind of a little mind trip.”

But what about that all-important aspect of every awards ceremony — the dress?

“I am going to have a fitting when I go back home to New York,” Maggie revealed to OK!. “I saw some pictures of some beautiful dresses, and I’m going to try them on.”

And although her husband, Peter Sarsgaard, wasn’t nominated for his great work in An Education this year, Maggie says he’s still her biggest fan and supporter.

“He said he felt like he was nominated because I was. I really do understand what he means,” dishes Maggie. “I think it could have so easily been the other way around, and I think it would have been great that way, too.”

The couple’s 3-year-old daughter, Ramona, doesn’t quite understand how famous her parents really are, however.

“I have explained some of it because she asked me the other day, ‘What’s Crazy Heart?’ Because people come up and say that they have seen it and that they like it,” Maggie explains.

She’ll understand when she grows up, we’re sure of it — especially if her mom wins on March 7!

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It’s all about change at the Oscars this year. As well as expanding the Best Picture category to 10 movies, nominees are facing another twist: They must prepare two speeches to avoid boring the audience.

The stars up for the film world’s highest accolades, including Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges, gathered on Monday for the annual Oscar-nominees luncheon in Beverly Hills to hear tips from the show’s producers on giving the 45-second acceptance speeches.

Oscar co-producer Bill Mechanic said the teary-eyed “thank-yous” are “the single most-hated thing on the show,” reports Reuters.

The solution is to have the winners give two speeches: one onstage telling audiences what winning an Oscar means to them, and a second backstage for a “Thank You Cam,” where winners can say “Thanks” to whomever they want.

“Share your passion on what the Oscar means to you” with the audience, co-producer Adam Shankman told nominees at the luncheon.

He said the backstage video would be posted on the Web, and winners could use them however they liked — e-mail them to their friends and even post them on their Facebook pages.

Just in case the nominees didn’t understand the producers, they showed a videotape of past winners, including Renée Zellweger, talking about what winning meant to them.

Another change to the ceremony involves the statuettes’ nameplates. Rather than waiting weeks for their nameplate to be fixed to their award, winners will have the nameplates engraved at the gala Governors Ball following the ceremony.


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NEW YORK — When the nominations for the 82nd annual Academy Awards were announced Feb. 2, there was one bona fide surprise acting nomination: Maggie Gyllenhaal for best supporting actress in writer-director Scott Cooper’s “Crazy Heart.” In the tradition of Laura Linney in “The Savages” or Marcia Gay Harden in “Mystic River,” Ms. Gyllenhaal, with virtually no precursor support from critics organizations during awards season, landed an out-of-nowhere nomination that left just about everybody buzzing.

The Oscars being a kind of family tradition, Maggie joined brother Jake (supporting actor, “Brokeback Mountain”) and mom Naomi Foner (best original screenplay, “Running on Empty”) in the nominees club against the odds, trumping such favorites as Samantha Morton (“The Messenger”), Julianne Moore (“A Single Man”) and Diane Kruger (“Inglourious Basterds”) for the coveted spot in the final five.

It was a foregone conclusion that veteran performer Jeff Bridges would land among the nominees for best actor, having justifiably received the lion’s share of critical praise for his towering turn as grizzled country musician “Bad” Blake (he is the favorite to win on Oscar night). Ms. Gyllenhaal’s beleagured single-mother journalist Jean Craddock has flown decidedly under the radar until now. It is the benchmark of any great character actress to be able to achieve this kind of subtlety and nuance opposite showier turns such as Bridges’.

Jean is a bit of a mystery in “Crazy Heart.” We know she’s had bad luck with men. We know she has a young son. She has a fledgling career as a music journalist. Other than that, Ms. Gyllenhall wisely chooses to leave a few deliberate loose ends dangling in the wind, making Jean a little bit of a mystery but also positing her directly in the moment.

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New gorgeous pictures of Maggie from yesterday (February 16) at the AARP Magazines 9th Annual Movies For Grownups Awards. Have also added more pictures from the Academy Nominee Luncheon.

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Since so many people are using and I’ve found the joys of it myself I’ve now created a twitter for Maggie Gyllenhaal Online. Click the little banner below and follow us for the latest updates!

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Added the first batch of pictures from yesterdays (February 15) 82nd Annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon. More will be added later on.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal says her brother Jake gave her advice on dealing with this year’s Oscar ceremony.

The star has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in movie Crazy Heart.

“I hope this isn’t too much of a downer, but the one thing he did say to me, before I was nominated actually, was, ‘There isn’t actually anything at the end of the rainbow, it’s a lot of fun, just enjoy it’,” Maggie revealed at the Academy Award Nominees Luncheon in Beverly Hills.

Maggie also paid tribute to her Crazy Heart co-star Jeff Bridges, who has been nominated for a Best Actor gong.

“I think we really do love each other,” she said.

“We work very similarly. I count him as a teacher of mine. We just kind of responded to each other, which is what you always want to do.

“And unless you are working with someone as brilliant and open as Jeff Bridges, it’s not always possible.

“I’ve cried on his shoulder. We really are friends.”


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Maggie visited Jimmy Kimmel and was absolute adorable, beautiful and funny as always. Video and captures below:

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New movie stills from Maggie’s upcoming movie Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang has been added to the gallery.

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