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Calling all designers – Maggie Gyllenhaal is not committed for Oscar night.

The Best Supporting Actress nominee for “Crazy Heart” has yet to choose her dress for the March 7 award ceremony.

“I don’t know what I’m wearing to the Oscars, but I’m enjoying thinking about it a lot,” she told StyleList at the USA Network’s Feb. 25 Character Approved Awards event in NYC. “I do have a great dress for the Spirit Awards.”

The actress, wearing Lanvin, said she is fresh to the whole dress-shopping process because she wasn’t nominated for anything else this season.

“I’ve been through all that other stuff before where you get to have 30 dresses, but I didn’t really do that this time. I was only really nominated for an Oscar,” she said.

“In a way, it’s been much calmer for me, and I’m not tired the way some people I’ve seen go through this are tired.”

That’s not to say she’s been completely relaxed: Since releasing “Crazy Heart” was a last-minute decision, “we were doing so much press, like three Q&As a night, then a cocktail party, and more,” Maggie said.

“There was more stuff stuffed into a small period of time than any movie I’ve ever promoted, including “The Dark Knight.”

It was a labor of love, she admitted, and she would happily do more to publicize the flick: “My husband Peter [Sarsgaard] said, ‘Are they going to ask you to hand out flyers on the corner? Because you would, I think’ — and I maybe would!” So if you see a Lanvin-clad actress on the corner…


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When we caught up with Maggie Gyllenhaal last night at the Character Approved celebration hosted by USA Network, we wondered if the studio was making her go overboard to promote Crazy Heart, because she’s nominated for an Oscar for her role in it. “Crazy Heart, you know, wasn’t going to come out now, and they decided maybe three weeks before they released it to release it now, so we were doing so much press,” she explained. “I mean, it was like three Q&As a night, and then a cocktail party and then, you know. I mean, so much more stuff stuffed into a small period of time than any movie I’ve ever promoted, including The Dark Knight. And Peter, my husband, was like, ‘Uh, are they going to ask you to go stand on Broadway and Houston with flyers? Because you would, I think. You would.’ And I maybe would.” So basically … yes.


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New pictures of Maggie at the 2nd Annual Character Approved Awards invitation-only cocktail reception on Thursday (February 25).

Grammy Award-winning music group Green Day and director Kathryn Bigelow (Hurt Locker) were among ten honorees at USA Network’s second annual Character Approved Awards, a multimedia campaign honoring individuals who are changing the face of American culture.

Inspired by USA’s Characters Welcome brand, the initiative is dedicated to celebrating the true trailblazers across a variety of disciplines such as art, philanthropy, new media and film.

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“The release of this movie was tied completely to the awards season,” Maggie Gyllenhaal told indieWIRE regarding Scott Cooper’s “Crazy Heart,” for which she has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. “And I could feel it so strongly. For example, when Jeff Bridges won the Golden Globe, all of a sudden ten people a day would stop me on the street and tell me they’d seen the movie. It had such a huge effect. You know, I’d been through the awards stuff before [receiving Golden Globe nominations for both “Secretary” and “Sherrybaby”], at least going on the road and doing some of it… But I’ve never felt so concretely the effect that it can have on a tiny movie. Though at the same time, as all this was happening with “Crazy Heart,” I wasn’t nominated for anything. Not anything at all. So of course I was surprised when I got the Oscar nomination. I’d – in a way – already kind of let go of it. Like I said, I’d kind of been down the road before and I’d had different relationships to the awards stuff before and this time I really got to the place of you know, ‘they’re just awards… it’s alright… I love my movie.’ And then to be nominated for an Oscar, it’s kind of a mind trip!”

Gyllenhaal wasn’t kidding when she says her nomination came out of nowhere. While there was certainly significant buzz around her work in “Heart,” she didn’t receive a single mention from the dozens and dozens of Oscar precursors, even the Independent Spirit Awards, for which she had received two nominations in the past (and where “Crazy Heart” got three nominations). But on Oscar nomination morning, her name was deservedly read, giving the actress her first trip to the Kodak Theater as a nominee.

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I’ve scanned an interview Maggie did for The Herald Magazine last month (January 2010). And have also added a little clipping from the Dutch magazine Glossy – thanks to Aniek for scanning it.

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And she goes where there’s work.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is refreshingly balanced. Sure, she might have to travel to film on location, but it doesn’t sound like she’d have it any other way if it keeps her life normal. The quirky actress says that her and her husband aren’t exactly like Brad and Angelina, and she strives to have her kids lead average lives.

Even though Maggie was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Crazy Heart, she doesn’t get to dictate when and where her movies are filmed. That sounds pretty typical, but keep in mind that she’s comparing herself to only the biggest names out there.

“If we were Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, we could say, ‘Oh yes, I’ll make that movie, but it must be in New York and it must be filmed before mid-summer break,’ but we’re not,” Maggie mused.

“If Martin Scorsese calls and tells me I need to be in Nova Scotia for six months, then I probably need to do that,” she admitted.

It’s the common problem of working in a job that pays the big much for you to be inconvenienced. Almost freeze in the tundra? Film in Europe? Get naked? If you’re an actor, this stuff can be just part of the job.

At least Maggie’s doing her best to keep her daughter’s life stable. She tries to emulate how she grew up, because her parents worked in the biz, but they didn’t get into the glam side of life.

“I think my daughter’s life will be more like that, although I’m trying to keep it as laid-back and calm as possible for her,” Maggie said.


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2 new absolute stunning photoshoots has been added to the gallery. Both shoots have been done recently.

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Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) has on Thursday, February 18, announced the nominees of the 14th Annual Prism Awards, unraveling that Maggie Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. will be competing in the same category. The “Crazy Heart” beauty and the leading man of “The Soloist” are both nominated for Performance in a Feature Film.

Both of them are vying for the title against their co-stars. Maggie, who is the only actress receiving the nomination in the particular category, is up against leading man Jeff Bridges, while Robert will have to battle it out with fellow star Jamie Foxx. They are also listed alongside “Brothers” star Tobey Maguire.

Experiencing similar situation as Maggie are Toni Collette and Edie Falco. Toni gets the nomination for Performance in a Comedy Series along with Dan Castellaneta, Hector Elizondo, Neil Patrick Harris and Tony Shalhoub, and Edie lands the Performance in a Drama Series Multi-Episode Story Line nod against Bryan Cranston, John Mahoney, Kevin McKidd and Aaron Paul.

Other nominees include “Grey Gardens” co-stars, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. The pair nabs Performance in a TV Movie or Miniseries nomination, in which they are up against Kimberly Elise of “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story“, Rosie O’Donnell of “America” and Sigourney Weaver of “Prayers for Bobby

Prism Awards honors actors, movies, music, media and television’s top shows that accurately depict and bring attention to substance abuse and mental health issues. The nominations were made public by EIC CEO Brian Dyak. The gala ceremony revealing this year’s winners will take place at the Beverly Hills Hotel on April 22.


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Maggie Gyllenhaal has been a Spirit Awards darling (“Secretary,” “Happy Endings”), a Golden Globe nominee (“Sherrybaby,” “Secretary”) and a superhero’s girlfriend (“Batman Begins”). But the 32-year-old actress had never been an Oscar nominee – and didn’t think her turn in “Crazy Heart” as Jean Craddock, a single mother and journalist who falls for an alcoholic country singer many years her senior (Jeff Bridges), was going to change that. That is, until the academy surprised many observers by nominating her for supporting actress. Over lunch in Beverly Hills, the actress talked about May-December romances, her love for Penelope Cruz and her ongoing battle not to read pieces like this.

Question: Before the Oscar nominations were announced, many pundits had laid out the supporting actress field and your name wasn’t on their lists. Was that your feeling too?

Answer: “It’s sort of funny. I really did get to a place of ‘What are awards anyway, and do they really matter?’ To really have come to terms with that and then get nominated for an Academy Award (she laughs). It’s a little confusing. But mostly I’m trying to have fun. Someone told me that Helen Mirren said that getting nominated for an Academy Award is like living in a fantasy bubble – it bursts when you don’t win or, if you do win, the day after. So either way it ends in a month.

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