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I’ve added 1 more picture from photoshoot #086, and I’ve also added a “new” photoshoot that we didn’t have.

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I’ve replaced all the pictures I added yesterday with hq version along with another 120 hqs from the premiere. Enjoy!

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Maggie Gyllenhaal, star of the Nanny McPhee sequel, spoke of her American-centric travels to Britain, where she needed a translator often.

Gyllenhaal walked the blue carpet for the Leicester Square premiere of her new movie with Emma Thompson, Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang.

The actress said that although she and husband Peter Sarsgaard spent a lot of time across the pond for his acclaimed flick An Education, the culture gap remained vast.

Contact Music reports she said: ‘You know, I have been here so much we shot The Dark Knight here, my husband shot An Education here, but I think it’s funny – we speak the same language and so many things are similar about New York and London but culturally there are huge differences. I have to do a lot of translating, ‘what do they mean by that?’ But I love London, like, love it.’

She continued: ‘London surprises me and continues to surprise me – and when I’m here, I’m always a little on guard of what I say exactly for that reason.’


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The first pictures from the London premiere of Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang is here! I’ve added the first bunch of pictures tonight and I’ll add more tomorrow.

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Maggie did an interview on GMTV this morning talking about Nanny McPhee, disciplining her daughter, dancing with Madonna and much more, check it out below.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, out dining together at the Ace Hotel in the heart of Manhattan Saturday night.

“They looked superhappy, kissing each other over the table throughout dinner,” dishes our eyewitness.

We’re also told Maggie, dressed casually in a navy shirt and gray sweater, still had that red carpet glam appeal about her.

“She looked great. She has totally dropped all her baby weight. [Maggie] barely ate her dinner, though.”

Hopefully she was just too busy mooning over that adorable man of hers and not making this meal grazing a habit.

Either way, sounds like M.G. had a much tamer weekend than brother Jake Gyllenhaal. Though we’re so Team Gyllenhaal, on both accounts here.

Think Jake will find someone to have a Lady and the Tramp-type googly-eyed meal with? We hope so!


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RELEASED in 2005, the original Nanny McPhee was a strong successor to Mary Poppins in every way.

Adapted from the Nurse Matilda books by Christianna Brand, the film pitted seven mischievous tykes against an ugly woman with a snaggle tooth, warts and an oversized nose, who had a few tricks up her sleeve when it came to childcare.

Susanna White’s colourful sequel casts an even more bewitching spell, introducing the mysterious nanny to a family in crisis in wartime Britain.

Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang is a glorious, rumbustious romp that once again demonstrates Emma Thompson’s magical touch in front of and behind the camera.

As screenwriter, she crafts believable, funny and endearing characters, whose plights move us to laughter and tears as the plot twists and turns in unexpected directions.

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Added some candids of Maggie playing with Ramona (her daughter) in Prospect Park, Brooklyn on saturday (March 20). As always no pictures of Ramona will be added.

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FROM her breakthrough role in the stylish sadomasochism drama Secretary to the grimly gripping Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, Maggie Gyllenhaal has proved time and again she’s got a keen eye for a critical hit.

But good taste is apparently not genetic.

“My daughter loves these Cinderella and Rapunzel books which someone gave us,” she says of Ramona, her three-year-old daughter with actor husband Peter Sarsgaard (An Education). The couple married in Italy in May last year.

“I hate reading them to her. They’re modern retellings and they’re not about anything. But it’s a complicated one – it’s up to her what she wants to read before she goes to sleep.”

At home – a brownstone in low-key Brooklyn, worlds away from the grand Beverly Hills hotel suite in Los Angeles where we meet – Disney cartoons aren’t normally allowed.

“But when she sees them, she loves them,” sighs the New York-born but LA-raised actor.

“She’s hook, line and sinker. She loves pink and sparkles, my high heeled shoes and make-up. It’s OK. You’ve got to pick your battles. But I do think it’s important to think about the movies that our kids watch, and what those stories are saying.”

The lack of good stories for kids is one of the reasons she signed up for her latest film, Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang. Set during World War II, it’s a sequel to the children’s film starring and written by Emma Thompson.

Gyllenhaal plays Mrs Green, a harried working mother left to look after a farm and three rowdy kids while her husband (played by Rhys Ifans, The Boat That Rocked) is off at war. Thompson plays Nanny McPhee, the magical nanny who appears when she’s wanted the least and needed the most.

Despite a nearly two-decade age gap – Gyllenhaal is 32, Thompson, 50, – they are now firm friends.

“I really do admire her,” she says. “She said to me the other day that I understood what she was saying before she’d finished a sentence. It’s really true.”

Thompson gave her some acting advice while they were filming.

“I told her afterwards, if another actor had done that, I would have felt like, f— you!” she laughs. “But because it was Emma, I was like, ‘Yes, anything you want!’ ”

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I’ve added a few magazine clippings from various magazines and newspapers. Thanks to Elmira for the Elle scan, also if you got anything with our wonderful Maggie, don’t hesitate to donate.

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