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More gorgeous outtakes from Maggie Gyllenhaal’s 2009 Marie Claire photoshoot have been added to the gallery. Most of these are tagged but the shots are still so beautiful!

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The old gallery layout had been up for ages so I thought it was about time for a new one. I hope you will enjoy it!

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Hollywood is a-buzz over reports today that Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy have signed on for the Victorian-era, medical-themed romcom Hysteria. The film charts the pair’s fling against the backdrop of the invention of the vibrator, apparently created by a doctor who used it to treat hysteria in women.

Jonathan Pryce will play a physician, who is also Gyllenhaal’s character’s father; Dancy plays another medic, who, along with a colleague played by Rupert Everett, stumbles upon the discovery.

Says Gyllenhaal: “I play a firecracker whose father is a doctor who is in the business of curing hysterical women. He cures them basically by getting them off and that actually happened. I end up having a sort of unexpected love affair with this guy who works for him, and who by mistake invents the vibrator.”

Hysteria will be directed by Tanya Wexler, who has just two film credits to her name, the most recent, Ball in the House, released in 2001. Production is scheduled to begin this October in London and Luxembourg, with plans for a 2011 release.


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Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared on the CBS The Early Show yesterday (August 19) to talk about Nanny McPhee. Maggie talks about how it can be hard to be a working mother, her friend and mentor Emma Thompson and how she stills see her brother Jake (Gyllenhaal) as her “little” brother who she still protects.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared at Live with Regis & Kelly on August 18th to talk about Nanny McPhee. Start off with a little microphone  problems but from there Maggie was absolute lovely chatting about filming a big movie like Nanny McPhee, having a brother and a husband that both are in the same business and she does not at all remember making her younger brother drink milk out of a bowl while playing “Cats” as kids.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal has grown wiser from her experience with nannies, thanks to her three-year-old daughter Ramona.

“One thing I learned as a mother was I started out having babysitters that were young and lovely, bright, great girls, but they left,” the married mom, 32, says during the Nanny McPhee Returns special screening to benefit the Lollipop Theater Network held this week in NYC. ”When you think about it, when I was 23, there was nothing that was particularly going to keep me other than what was pulling my heart. I have a grown-up nanny now. There’s a different level of responsibility when you get to be a grown-up.”

When it comes to nannies, Maggie sees the dark side of Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins was a complicated lady,” she says. “Yeah, she’s hanging out with her boyfriend basically – Dick Van Dyke played her boyfriend – and she’s with the kids. She was a narcissist, but she’s also pretty great. That’s one thing I’ve realized watching Mary Poppins a lot with my daughter. Julie Andrews is pretty amazing. She’s pretty incredible.”

What movies does Maggie enjoy with her daughter?

“Right now, we’ve been watching – what she’s been liking and I’ve been liking too – are Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire movies. They’re really cool. There’s dancing, beautiful dresses, simple plot.”

Emma Thompson, who plays the iconic caretaker in Nanny McPhee, admits she was turned off by nannies when her au pair ate her “sweeties” at age 7.

She compares the chemistry between fictional nannies Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee.

“I love Mary Poppins, but how would they respond to each other? I think Mary Poppins would say to Nanny McPhee ‘you really need to get in touch’ and Nanny McPhee would say that Mary Poppins was a bit of a showoff.”

Director Susanna White sings Maggie’s praises in the motherhood department. Her twin daughters got to know Maggie’s Ramona during their time on the set.

“Maggie’s absolutely wonderful as a mom. Very loving and sweet, but also, like any good parent, there are boundaries for her daughter. Her daughter knows what she can and can’t do, which is a way to feel secure. I think she’s a wonderful mother.”


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Maggie Gyllenhaal was all too eager to join the world of Nanny McPhee in Nanny McPhee Returns. After all, Gyllenhaal and Nanny McPhee creator Emma Thompson became friends on the set of Stranger Than Fiction, but never acted together. The mother of three-year-old Ramona also reported that unlike Nanny McPhee, who has a set of lessons children must learn, Gyllenhaal figures her child’s lessons will come when her daughter is fully grown. “It changes. I think it will continue to change,” Gyllenhaal said of imparting wisdom to Ramona. “I don’t think there’s an overreaching one. I think when I get to the end, I will be able to say: That was a lesson.”

Maggie Gyllenhaal shot to the top of public consciousness with her unnerving performance in Secretary. Her stellar string of film work continued with Mona Lisa Smile, SherryBaby, Stranger Than Fiction, The Dark Knight and Crazy Heart.

Maggie may we talk?

SheKnows: As the maternal influence over five children on the Nanny McPhee Returns set, what was your most memorable scene with the kids?

Maggie Gyllenhaal: I like the scene, which took us five days [to shoot], which I’ve never done before, not on Dark Knight, not on Mona Lisa Smile, any of these movies, ever. Five days shooting was this scene where I come home from work and the skies are saying, “The person you need is Nanny McPhee.” I’m covered in syrup, I come home and the kids are fighting, everything’s crazy. I’m kind of hallucinating. She comes in and brings order. That whole madcap scene, that was my favorite.

SheKnows: I was told that one of the child actors cried after you set off back to America.

Maggie Gyllenhaal: They’re great kids. Also, that was part of my job to make it believable that I was a mother to them. It felt real. Also, when you’re working with kids, it’s different than grown-ups. Emma and I would be on our knees behind the camera making fart noises, or saying a line for them over and over again fifteen different ways to get different reactions from them. You get invested in them in a different way.

SheKnows: Ever get crazy like that at home for you?

Maggie Gyllenhaal: Well, I have one child. I don’t know, if I had to take care of five children alone and try to make a farm run and work at a general store, I think it would be possible to get that crazy.

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More new candids have been added to the gallery. First set is from August 4th of Maggie, Peter and Ramona arriving at LAX airport. Second set is from yesterday (August 18th) of Maggie arriving at her New York hotel.

I have also added another 51 HQs from the Nanny McPhee Return US premiere.

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Candids from 2010 > 18.08.10 – Arriving at her hotel in NY

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