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Thanks to my wonderful friend Claudia we know how captures of Maggie in The Great New Wonderful.

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Movie Productions > 2005 – The Great New Wonderful > DVD Screen Captures

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Jake Gyllenhaal has said that he is not interested in appearing in another film with his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The actor, who appeared as an on-screen brother to Maggie in 2001′s Donnie Darko, told People that he prefers to spend quality time with his sibling rather than work with her on a film set.

“I love her a lot, [but] we don’t go around looking for something to work on together,” he said. “I would rather spend time with my niece and spend time as brother and sister.”

Jake added that while another collaboration is unlikely, he would not absolutely rule out working with Maggie in the future.

He explained: “It would take something that I love so much… that I would need her to be a part of, and vice versa.”


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Loads of wonderful screen captures of Maggie Gyllenhaal in Crazy Heart has been added to the gallery.

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Movie Productions > 2009 – Crazy Heart > DVD Screen Captures

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Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jonathan Pryce will star in the upcoming film “Hysteria,” about Victorian doctors who invent the vibrator during their quest to cure women of hysterical fits, according to the Guardian.

Jonah Lisa Dyer and Stephen Dyer are writing the film based on a story by Howard Gensler. Filming will begin in London this month. “Hysteria” is aiming for a 2011 theatrical release.

Tanya Wexler will direct the film, described as a romantic comedy, which will cast Pryce (Miss Saigon, “Evita”) as a physician and father to Gyllenhaal (Uncle Vanya, “Secretary”). The cast will also feature Hugh Dancy (The Pride, Journey’s End) and Rupert Everett (Blithe Spirit, “My Best Friend’s Wedding”) as colleagues who aid in the discovery.

Gyllenhaal told the Guardian, “I play a firecracker whose father is a doctor who is in the business of curing hysterical women. He cures them basically by getting them off and that actually happened. I end up having a sort of unexpected love affair with this guy who works for him, and who by mistake invents the vibrator.”

The film is reminiscent of Sarah Ruhl’s Tony Award-nominated play In the Next Room or the vibrator play, which debuted on Broadway in 2009. Ruhl is not attached to the film project.

Ruhl’s serious, but often comical play, centered on an American doctor in the late 19th century who, with the use of his invention, treated women for hysteria by providing “paroxysms” (known today as an orgasm). The play navigated the personal and sexual distance between men and woman in the Victorian era, and focused on the relationship between the doctor and his young wife.


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In 2008 Esprit made a commitment to SOS Children’s Villages to help children in India and throughout the world. The focus of the partnership is to prevent children from being abandoned by their parents.

To celebrate the opening of the SOS Children’s Village Alibaug, a village completely financed by Esprit, the BIG BANG is launched – a global campaign aimed at raising awareness of the charity project and encouraging people to go in store and make their bang count. Maggie Gyllenhaal & Peter Sarsgaard have pledged their support to help Esprit reach their target of 3 million bangs.

The banging of a drum is a universally recognized symbol of celebration, as well as being a symbol of global strength and unity. The sound has been called many things by many cultures. The Hindus call it Nada Brahma, Esprit prefers the BIG BANG, and it’s inviting its customers to take part by making their Big Bang count.

11 Esprit stores across the globe will house a Super Drum, in which customers will be invited to make their BANG COUNT from 5-13 November. In every other participating store Esprit customers can pick up a drumstick, which will direct them online to a virtual super drum from via www.esprit.com/bigbang.

The target is to reach 3 million bangs, at which point Esprit will donate a further 500,000 Euros to the SOS Children’s Village Alibaug. The campaign will launch in all Esprit stores globally in the first week of November, culminating in the BIG BANG Day on the 13th November.

BIG BANG celebrations will take place on the streets and in-store in the first weeks of November to drive people in store to make their bang count in the following eleven cities: Amsterdam, Beijing, Brussels, Berlin, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London, Melbourne, New Delhi, New York and Paris.

Oscar nominated actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal and her husband, the critically acclaimed actor, Peter Sarsgaard, are to act as global ambassadors for the opening of the SOS Children’s Village Alibaug.

The couple was inspired to be part of the monumental opening of the SOS Children’s Village Alibaug and raise awareness for the good works of the charity worldwide.

Speaking of their involvement with the project, Maggie said: Despite the dynamic economic advances India has enjoyed in recent times, it may be hard to accept that India has the largest population of street children in the world with at least 18 million children living or working on the streets of urban India. There are approximately 250,000 in Mumbai alone. The street kids in Mumbai and elsewhere in the world are denied the right to a family and the right to grow up with love and security. Protecting children’s rights is a universal responsibility that requires global commitment from us all. It’s a privilege for Peter and myself to join hands with Esprit and promote the remarkable work of SOS Children’s Villages, which for the past sixty years has continued to provide children worldwide; love, security and a nurturing environment that only a family can provide.

The screen and stage couple will officially open the SOS Children’s Village Alibaug, alongside Esprit’s Chief Executive Officer, Ronald van der Vis. The highlight of the colourful opening will be a bhoomi pujan, the celebratory blessing by a Hindu priest.

Ronald van der Vis, Esprit’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: Social and charitable commitment is integral to our brand DNA. This is why we have supported humanitarian projects for more than four decades. We are extremely proud of our long-term partnership with the SOS Children’s Village organization and we want to encourage our customers to interact through The Big Bang campaign. It’s a great platform to share our passion for this cause with our customers whilst raising awareness and funds for SOS.


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New candids from September 23rd of Maggie Gyllenhaal chatting with a friend before getting into a cab.

Also a set from September 14th of Maggie Gyllenhaal having lunch with director Sam Mendes.

Gallery Links:
Candids from 2010 > 14.09.10 – Having lunch with Sam Mendes
Candids from 2010 > 23.09.10 – Chatting with friend in NYC

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New pictures of Maggie Gyllenhaal speaking at the Clinton Global Citizen Awards at the sixth annual Clinton Global Initiative yesterday (September 23rd)

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Appearances from 2010 > Clinton Global Citizen Awards at the sixth annual Clinton Global Initiative

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Maggie Gyllenhaal attended a meeting Empowering Girls and Women during the opening day of the sixth annual Clinton Global Initiative.

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Appearances from 2010 > Opening day of the sixth annual Clinton Global Initiative

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WITNESS, an international organization founded by Peter Gabriel to pioneer the use of video to expose human rights abuses, today announced the launch of a three-year campaign to end violence against women and girls in conflict and post-conflict zones. The campaign, which will be featured as a commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, will use video to highlight and combat injustices committed against women in the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda.

WITNESS will work in partnership with the network Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice (WIGJ) and local grassroots organizations to film the stories of women and girls who have experienced gender based violence and to screen these videos for key decision makers at domestic, regional and international levels, such as the International Criminal Court in The Hague, where Women’s Initiatives is headquartered.

Social activist, actress and WITNESS supporter Maggie Gyllenhaal says, “As an actor, I have seen first hand the power visual images have to capture our minds and our hearts, and to send us into action. The video of the murder of Neda Agha Soltan in Iran and the footage of monks protesting in Burma forced the world to take notice of human rights abuses in those countries. Imagine what would happen if you gave women in conflict zones cameras, the training to use them, and the path to getting that footage to the people who can make a difference.”

Specifically WITNESS will work with the Women’s Initiatives to:

  • Train over 50 grassroots organizations in Africa to use video to document violence against women and girls;
  • Provide long-term, strategic support to key organizations – guiding them in the use of video to bolster local advocacy goals to end gender-based violence; and
  • Produce in-depth videos on gender-based violence that will be screened for key decision-makers.

WITNESS Executive Director Yvette Alberdingk Thijm says the campaign will harness the most potent of resources. “We’re nowhere close to realizing video’s incredible potential as a tool for leveraging human rights change,” says Alberdingk Thijm, “A camera gives a woman unparalleled power to tell her story and to hold perpetrators accountable.”

Some examples of the video campaigns envisioned by this project include:

  • A campaign to create and use footage of gender-based violence in the Central African Republic as evidence to be submitted to the International Criminal Court for inclusion in its investigations of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).
  • A campaign to create and use footage as evidence for the prosecution in judicial proceedings against the FDLR and Mai-Mai militias, who have raped tens of thousands of women and girls in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Women who have been raped during the conflict in the Kivus/Eastern DRC are often rejected by their husbands, families and communities. Tribal chiefs who lead these communities have the power to reunite these families but may not have access to the stories of these women. This campaign would film and bring these stories directly to the local chiefs to advocate that they condemn and end this practice.

YouTube, the global video-sharing Web site and online video community, has agreed to be the platform partner for this commitment. The company will showcase video content that documents violence against women and advocates for gender justice prominently on the site on a quarterly basis for the first year of the campaign. They will also promote the campaign via its blog and power regular programming opportunities to highlight the issue. WITNESS is currently seeking additional partners to join in this effort.

“The explosion of digital media means that anyone can bear witness to human rights abuses. Images shot on a cell phone, camera or PDA can be uploaded to the Internet and end up on the nightly news in a matter of minutes and social networking sites are making it easier than ever to mobilize communities for change,” says Alberdingk Thijm. “This brings human rights groups an unprecedented opportunity to not only capture proof of injustice and give it to law makers, but to spread that proof and establish a broader, more interconnected human rights community to collaborate to bring violence against women and girls to an end.”


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I’ve added several albums with candids from 2009 and 2010 to the gallery.

Gallery Links:
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Candids from 2009 > 03.12.09 – At hotel Casa Del Mar
Candids from 2009 > 09.12.09 – Leaving medical building
Candids from 2010 > 15.01.10 – Arriving at LAX Airport
Candids from 2010 > 02.03.10 – At LAX Airport
Candids from 2010 > 01.09.10 – Going to the cinema

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