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The Dark Knight

Maggie’s Character: Rachel Dawes
Release Date: 14 July 2008 (USA)
Directed By: Christopher Nolan
Screenwriter: Christopher Nolan & Jonathan Nolan
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and some menace.
Runtime: 152 min.
Box Office #’s: here

Cast Highlights:
Christian Bale
Heath Ledger
Aaron Eckhart
Morgan Freeman
Michael Caine

Set within a year after the events of Batman Begins, Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon, and new district attorney Harvey Dent successfully begin to round up the criminals that plague Gotham City until a mysterious and sadistic criminal mastermind known only as the Joker appears in Gotham, creating a new wave of chaos. Batman’s struggle against the Joker becomes deeply personal, forcing him to “confront everything he believes” and improve his technology to stop him. A love triangle develops between Bruce Wayne, Dent and Rachel Dawes.

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Character Quotes

Bruce Wayne: You know that day that you once told me about, when Gotham would no longer need Batman? It’s coming.
Rachel Dawes: Bruce. You can’t ask me to wait for that.
Bruce Wayne: It’s happening now. Harvey is that hero. He locked up half of the city’s criminals, and he did it without wearing a mask. Gotham needs a hero with a face.

[after Batman saves Rachel from falling out of a window]
Batman: You all right?
Rachel Dawes: Let’s not do that again.

Harvey Dent: You can *not* leave me alone with these people.
Rachel Dawes: The whole mob’s after you, and you’re worried about *these* guys?
Harvey Dent: Yea, well, compared to *these* guys, the mob doesn’t scare me.

Rachel Dawes: [letter to Bruce] Dear Bruce; I need to explain. I need to be honest and clear. I’m going to marry Harvey Dent. I love him. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. When I told you that if Gotham no longer needed Batman we could be together, I meant it. But I’m not sure the day will come when *you* will no longer need Batman. I hope it does and if it does I will be there, but only as your *friend.* I’m sorry to let you down. If you lose your faith in me, please keep your faith in people. Love, now and always, – Rachel.

Harvey Dent: Well, I guess no answer is a no.
Rachel Dawes: Harvey…
Harvey Dent: It’s someone else, isn’t it?
Rachel Dawes: Harvey…
Harvey Dent: Just tell me it’s not Wayne, the guy’s a complete…
[Bruce comes up behind him and grabs him in a chokehold]
Rachel Dawes: What are you doing?
Bruce Wayne: [as Harvey falls unconscious] They’re coming for him!

[Rachel discovers Dent’s coin is two-faced]
Rachel Dawes: [smiling sardonically] You make your own luck…

Rachel Dawes: Bruce… if you turn yourself in, they’re not gonna let us be together.