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Posted by Connie on August 7, 2012 under Interviews,Media,Wont Back Down and commented by 1 people

One Response to ““Won’t Back Down” Q&A (Video)”

Bonnie & JIm Capatelli


We’ve loved your acting for so many years now. You’re a unique talent and a good human being.

And congratulations on being a mom! It’s a great thing. Both of us know what a joy parenting is.

So, it is with great sadness that I must question why you would make an awful film like “Won’t Back Down”? Do you realize who put up the money for this film? Do you understand that the ultimate purpose is propaganda: to make more people cynical about our schools, and filled with hatred for our teachers?

This film was made for one reason: to make people distrust and hate public education even more than they do today.

Why did you have anything to do with this? Don’t you realize that 90% of American families send their children to public schools?

And do you also realize that a group of right-wing extremists, in cooperation with a small, wealthy elite that NEVER sends their own kids to public schools, has a long-term plan to turn our schools into private, for-profit businesses?

We’re not just concerned for our own child—a beautiful 8 year old boy—but for all of his classmates and all of the other kids, everywhere in our country.

At a minimum please find out more about who you’ve crawled into bed with. I know you’re a good and decent person. You wouldn’t do this intentionally.

Please. I implore you. Do the right thing. Find out more about this film, and the people behind this vile “Parent Trigger” law, and publicly renounce it.

You’ll be remembered in history, as a hero, if you do this. Please don’t let us down!

With sincere love and praise,
Bonnie and Jim Capatelli
New Jersey

Aug 14, 12 at 10:00 pm