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Just last night, we heard that Jamie Foxx will likely take on the role of the President of the United States in Independence Day director Roland Emmerich’s White House Down. The film, described as “Die Hard in the White House,” stars Channing Tatum as a single father Secret Service agent tasked with protecting the president when bad guys initiate a hostile takeover of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Now it looks like Tatum will be getting some help from the fairer sex, since Variety reports The Dark Knight star Maggie Gyllenhaal is enlisting as a fellow agent, securing the female lead in the movie. More below!

Aside from the aforementioned Batman film, Gyllenhaal hasn’t been featured in many big action dramas, so it will be interesting to see her suit up and get some true action experience under her belt. She’s better known for her quiet but strong performances, so she should provide an interesting counterpoint to Tatum, who’s been having a breakout year and developed much more of a charismatic on-screen persona recently.

Production on White House Down begins this August and a release date has been set for November 1st, 2013, so it looks like this will be the first of the two competing White House action movies to hit the big screen. The other movie is Olympus is Fallen from director Antoine Fuqua with Gerard Butler attached as the lead, but there haven’t been nearly as many updates from that project since it was announced and unless we see some Snow White & The Huntsman/Mirror, Mirror style schedule shuffling happening on the calendar next year, we’ll likely see White House Down hitting the big screen first


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