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Emma Thompson has revealed she bonded with Nanny McPhee co-star Maggie Gyllenhaal by inviting her to Sunday lunch.

The Oscar-winner – mother to ten-year-old daughter Gaia with husband Greg Wise – told how she created a family atmosphere on the set of her latest movie by cooking for Maggie, her husband Peter Sarsgaard and their three-year-old daughter Ramona.

Emma said: “We saw people [socially] – Maggie Gyllenhaal in particular, who’d come over with her family, her little daughter and her husband, you know, Sunday lunches and all of that.”

She added: “That’s very much a part of the way I work, especially when people have come a long way to serve a story, you know, you’ve got to look after them and a home-cooked meal is the best way of doing that. I didn’t have the crew over, because I haven’t got room in my house for 150 people, but God knows that I would do if I did!”

Emma, 50, revealed she pretended to drown to entertain the film’s child stars when they had to shoot a scene featuring piglets synchronised swimming, which was to be edited in using special effects.

She revealed: “It was difficult for the children, poor things, because we said, ‘Right, now children, you’re going to be watching some piglets do synchronised swimming in the pond, isn’t that exciting?’ But they’re just looking at a blinking pond with nothing in it.

“So I said, ‘Drag me into the pond and pretend to drown me, because I guarantee that will make them laugh.’ So that’s what they’re laughing at, which just shows you what twisted, vicious little people they are, laughing at me being drowned!”

:: Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang is in cinemas now.


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