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And she goes where there’s work.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is refreshingly balanced. Sure, she might have to travel to film on location, but it doesn’t sound like she’d have it any other way if it keeps her life normal. The quirky actress says that her and her husband aren’t exactly like Brad and Angelina, and she strives to have her kids lead average lives.

Even though Maggie was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Crazy Heart, she doesn’t get to dictate when and where her movies are filmed. That sounds pretty typical, but keep in mind that she’s comparing herself to only the biggest names out there.

“If we were Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, we could say, ‘Oh yes, I’ll make that movie, but it must be in New York and it must be filmed before mid-summer break,’ but we’re not,” Maggie mused.

“If Martin Scorsese calls and tells me I need to be in Nova Scotia for six months, then I probably need to do that,” she admitted.

It’s the common problem of working in a job that pays the big much for you to be inconvenienced. Almost freeze in the tundra? Film in Europe? Get naked? If you’re an actor, this stuff can be just part of the job.

At least Maggie’s doing her best to keep her daughter’s life stable. She tries to emulate how she grew up, because her parents worked in the biz, but they didn’t get into the glam side of life.

“I think my daughter’s life will be more like that, although I’m trying to keep it as laid-back and calm as possible for her,” Maggie said.


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