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Calling all designers – Maggie Gyllenhaal is not committed for Oscar night.

The Best Supporting Actress nominee for “Crazy Heart” has yet to choose her dress for the March 7 award ceremony.

“I don’t know what I’m wearing to the Oscars, but I’m enjoying thinking about it a lot,” she told StyleList at the USA Network’s Feb. 25 Character Approved Awards event in NYC. “I do have a great dress for the Spirit Awards.”

The actress, wearing Lanvin, said she is fresh to the whole dress-shopping process because she wasn’t nominated for anything else this season.

“I’ve been through all that other stuff before where you get to have 30 dresses, but I didn’t really do that this time. I was only really nominated for an Oscar,” she said.

“In a way, it’s been much calmer for me, and I’m not tired the way some people I’ve seen go through this are tired.”

That’s not to say she’s been completely relaxed: Since releasing “Crazy Heart” was a last-minute decision, “we were doing so much press, like three Q&As a night, then a cocktail party, and more,” Maggie said.

“There was more stuff stuffed into a small period of time than any movie I’ve ever promoted, including “The Dark Knight.”

It was a labor of love, she admitted, and she would happily do more to publicize the flick: “My husband Peter [Sarsgaard] said, ‘Are they going to ask you to hand out flyers on the corner? Because you would, I think’ — and I maybe would!” So if you see a Lanvin-clad actress on the corner…


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