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Peter Sarsgaard made an interview where he meantioned his two girls Maggie and Ramona.

Sarsgaard says he likes to be able to do a play every year or so between film gigs. He and Gyllenhaal, an accomplished stage actress herself, who was last seen on screen in the summer blockbuster “The Dark Knight,” told The New York Times in February that they they would like to work together more often if there were more opportunities like at the small off-Broadway theater where “Vanya” ran.

That is, if the couple – who have been together since 2001 and live in New York City – can ensure that they don’t spend too much time away from their daughter, Ramona, who is 2 1/2.

Asked if he enjoys being a father, Sarsgaard seems to light up, enthusiastically answering, “I do, I do.”

And is he gooing to teach his daughter soccer?

“I am. Every child that I have must play soccer,” laughs Sarsgaard, who says he still plays pickup games and kicks the ball around the house. “I’m one of those people who’s constantly chipping the ball over the kitchen island trying to land it into a basket of Ramona’s toys – taking out wine glasses and things.”

You can read the full interview here.

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