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Maggie Gyllenhaal, one of the stars in this summer’s biggest blockbuster The Dark Knight, is teaming up with the organizations Brighter Planet and 1Sky to launch the “Climate Matters Video Contest”. The campaign will give Americans the chance to have their global climate change message seen by our next president and other political leaders. From the release,

This October, the top 10 videos will be featured during a Washington, D.C.-based event for the media, Congress and both presidential campaigns. These top videos will also be broadcast to millions via Link TV, FSTV, and online. “We know Americans are inspired to take climate action; they’re already taking steps everyday,” said actress and Climate Matters juror Maggie Gyllenhaal. “I’m excited to see what people create.”

Gyllenhaal will be joined by Leila and Nadia Conners, the producers/directors of The 11th Hour — as well as a host of other entertainment producers and environmental advocates in juding the entries.

Interested in giving this a shot? Check out the official site here.

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